Do you have a special daily or weekly work routine for your art?

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Hi Angi, I like the Bunny! I'ts really great to hear you have a routine. Many artirts don't like them and that's great for their needs. As for me I look at my schedule on Sunday for the next week and see how much free space I have (usually 3 1/2 days). I block that time plus some evenings. It's never enough for the heart but what are you going to do?
Hi Helen, I love how you're able to push through so many creative arenas during your work process.
You are truly multi gifted. Thanks for the input!
In the past, my favorite ritual has been to put on a pot of aromatic tea, whatever music I'm into at the time, jazz, classical or whatever and turn off the phone....I get lost for hours.  Sometimes I add incense to the ritutal other times a fragrance would be just too much.
Get a Dr. Pepper, take a Valium, turn the music WAY up, & see what happens.

Hi Karen,


I try to make art every day. However, with my health problems, that does not always happen. On a good day I will spend up to two hours working on my art. Some days I don't do anything artsy at all. I always make sure to devote Sunday afternoons to art, as well.




I have a longish commute to work every day (45 min in each direction) and I try to use that time to work on art. It limits the kind of work I can do (mostly drawing... nothing involving scissors or glue) but it means that I work on my hand eye coordination all the time. 


As for when I'm in the studio, the only constraint that I have for my working conditions is I need a good block of time (min 3 hrs) because otherwise I don't have enough time to really focus on anything. 

I don't really have a schedule but I am an artist full time. I don't really separate mail art from the rest of the art I do.

I need 6 hours of quality crafting time with no background noise from the tv and lurkers preferably in the daytime.

Right now I'm stuck in the kitchen table where's too much noise I heard listening to Bach helps with creativity and relaxation.

If I don't get do any crafting or mailart I get extremely stressed. Wish I had my own studio or any spare room.

Since the weather has been nice this Summer I'll work outside in the garden.

I need time to myself too. I can't seem to get anything creative done with people around. Is that odd?

Well, I like to paint envelopes. henever I can I work on that. Some envelopes go through the process 10-20 times before finished and are sent out.....

Rudd I do want to see the 20 process envelope!! Please send me one.
I have trouble getting art done quickly enough... I over think it maybe. Or maybe I need to make more copies, build some art in reserve... I'm a full time office dweller. I make my art on the weekends. Limited output. Or maybe I'm lazy. Could be arting now......




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