What are your thoughts about this project? Would be interesting to know what you think. Do you participate. Since when, How much times. Do you know the concept? Will also try to publish a few samples here (or others can help me with that)

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And now the copy of Brain Cell with my Sandpo Mail Art  stamp has arrived in Greece!

and Uli has the above edition with the "FLY"!

Thank you, Uli!

Several months ago, I received at least 22 brand new, unfolded Brain Cells from Ryosuke well wrapped in a huge envelope.

Can anyone tell me what this signifies?

Ryosuke produces 150 prints of each Brain Cell edition. He sends a copy to each participant, often 50 to 60 people receive one. He keeps one copy for himself. He is left with 90 to 100 extra prints. He uses some of these for his body and face paintings. He sends out the rest to mail art shows and past participants of his Brain Cell. This can be one at a time or many as in your case, 22 prints. Over the years I have received 3 of these lage packages.

His latest Brain Cell is #790 and has 57 participants.

790 editions x 150 prints = 118,500 prints

He does a new edition every 10 days... with or without you. Send him something today.


Hi Oh Boy,

I send Ryosuke "a large work" on a regular basis instead of one small one every 10 days or so. There have also been times when he uses a copy of a stamp he has of mine and sends me Brain Cells. I know you are a big fan of Ryosuke's!!!

Brain Cell Number 790

and a close up shows the "HOPE-ΕΛΠΙΔΑ" rubber stamp that I sent Ryosuke during the week

after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Here is Brain Cell #791 that arrived in my mailbox while T was away in Athens!

But, once again, while my name is on the list of contributers, my stamp is not on this edition of Brain Cell.

Maybe someone got it in their mail? Not a problem, though, always an honor to get on Ryosuke's listing!

Upper details:

lower details:

Ryosuke's method for putting these together occasionally leads to this situation.

If you send him a new image or set of stickers every 10 day, you will eventually get your image and name together in future editions.

Brain Cell 794.

See attachment 'Brain Cell 794' to this message (alas I didn't succeed in pasting the picture in this message this time).

Much to see! And note the Orion Soup bulletin board, good food for thought.
(My contribution is this one.)

Thank you Ryosuke and all contributing mail artists!

I received this marvelous work from Ryosuke Cohen last week. Ruud suggested I look at this link - thanks Ruud.  This is Brain Cell 785. I will be returning something soon - I hope as good! Many thanks :-) X

It's a great collection of stamps, artistamps, rubber stamps, etc. that Ryosuke makes every ten days or so and sends out to 50 on the list. Yours, Cheryl, is a special edition as I see a "Grigori" stamp on it....proof he may have been in Japan ;-)


Usually arriving in Greece is the familiar business size brown envelope with Brain Cell from Japan. Imagine the thrill when a brown HUGE envelope came from Osaka, from Ryosuke Cohen, measuring 34cm x 45cm!And even more wondrous was the fact that inside there are 30 (thirty!) Brains Cells, nos.766 -795!

Over the years, I have received 12 Brain Cells from Ryosuke, now my collection, my Brain Cell archives, has 42!

Of the thirty Brain Cells, several have already been posted here, but let me post at the most recent  four to record these amazing mail art pieces. (Brain Cell #790 and #791 have already been posted)


Brain Cell # 792




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