A friend asks: What's the best adhesive for magazine collage that won't wrinkle the paper? I told him Spray Mount...anybody have any other suggestions?

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glue stick is fine for me

Rubber cement...brush both the magazine page and the surface you're affixing it and let the cement dry a little... for a more permanent application.

Thanks, Piro...Glue Stick is good for me too but what do you use for an adhesive? (Insert rim shot here). The red light indicates a joke has been told.

Thanks, Jim.

I agree with Jim and he is good on it. :) 

Yes, I think the problem is....he's trying to cover too big a surface for rubber cement.

I use this "Advanced Craft Glue" the company is Beacon.  It dries crystal clear and is fast grabbing and transparent too.    It's called 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue by Beacon.  It's in a clear plastic bottle and has 4 oz.  I got mine at Michael's (craft store) and used a coupon on it.  It's around 6.00 a bottle, but you can use either a 40%-50% off coupon, and it doesn't hurt so bad on price then. 



Thanks, Robin. I'll look into this....

I'm a big fan of yes! paste. It comes in a jar and works well painted with a brush. 

YES paste is awesome, you just need to use a disposable brush to get it on the paper.  It sticks perfectly everytime with no ripples.   I love it.

Thank you, Jenn...Do you mean the kind of paste I ate in kindergarten?

i mainly use stickers these days. in the past i used clear acrylic medium. 




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