So yeah, I find a bunch of stuff lying around at work. For just a bit of information, I work at a community college in North Carolina. I mostly find letters and drawings and what not and I find them when I find them so it may take me a while to have a collection of stuff.


If you'd like to trade randomly found stuff, I'd be intersted. Not going to make anything to accompany the mail, just a little bit of floor art and writings.


Let me know.

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Sure! I have stuff I am going through that I have found and it is taking me over - so if you let me know what you like I can head some of it your way. BTW corrected spelling on your card.
yessssir would love this!
Great, great to both of you. I have a few things that I found at school last week and I will send out as soon as I get some time. Keep in mind that I can only send out these things when I find some stuff, so mail may come once in a while. Glad you guys are interested.

sounds great !


Not sure if I'd have stuff that you d like in return though.

Great I have to look closer in the halls for random stuff.

I would like to get in on this. Is it only found paper or can we send other things we find?



I have a ton of found stuff if anyone wants an envelope full. I usually will send 1 oz. at a time of completely random (but interesting) items. I have lots of vintage items. If you want to send me some mail, please let me know you are interested in it and I will send stuff in my reply!
Sure I'm interested. There's no real parameters of what's ok or what's not, just found things. I wanted to do this because I've used so many things I've found at work. I'll be glad to trade with anyone.
Good to know, Jon, it's hard for me to resist enclosing some randomness when I send mail! Will put something together for you this weekend!
Is everyone open to a random packet? let me know if you don't want things other than paper. I get little oddities and 3d items too.
I'm open to receive anything. That kind of stuff makes my day! I will get some things put together this weekend. There is an auction I go to where we can pick up the stuff that doesn't sell for free, no doubt some of it will end up in the mail.

I find ephemera all the time on Deadwood's Main Street.




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