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At 10:29pm on May 15, 2020, Margreet Beemsterboer said…

Hi Helga,

I read you rejoint... I too was away for some time.

Because I like doing things with textiles too, maybe it's an idea to swap?

I don't do badges. Just one unique envelope for which I take time.

I am working on something patchy.. Hope you like it!

Kind regards,


At 8:37pm on January 24, 2016, Carlos I. Botana said…


Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez
Size: Free
Technique: Free
Deadline: August 15, 2016
Exhibition: September, 2016
No sales. No jury. No return
The work is publisehed in the "blog": mailartlasmeninasdecanido.blogspot.com
Send your work to:
Carlos I. Botana
C/. Javier López López
Nº 11 - portal 2 - 3º E
15009 - A Coruña - Spain
At 6:29pm on September 7, 2014, Celestino Neto said…
At 9:21am on November 9, 2013, Petrolpetal said…

Hi there -I received your beautiful leaf print envelope - with such beautiful contents. The prints on the rigid-ish ,see-through material ( no idea what it is) is so ethereal and lovely.Thank you so much!

At 7:50am on September 23, 2013, Petrolpetal said…

Hi there

Yes, also on MMSA. Glad you received my mail, and looking forward to receiving yours! I see elephants are a theme - I've got a nice elephant card I made last night. I will pop it in the mail to you!

At 1:34am on August 25, 2013, PIRO said…

Thanks for adding me as a friend. See you in the mail soon.

At 4:27pm on August 24, 2013, Robin Moore said…

Hi Helga,

You asked me where did I get that stamp... I've had it for several years now. I've been rubberstamping and scrapping for 30 years now and go to a lot of conventions each year.  I try and buy my rubberstamps unmounted and only pay half to 60% off for them.  I can't remember who that rubberstamp company is from, it's an unmounted stamp, there for there is no company name attached to the stamp,  that stamp  I've had for years now.  Wish I could help you more.


At 2:06am on August 24, 2013, PIRO said…

Hi Helga

Got your robodog mail at today. Sooooo cool,  love it.  Thank you so much. :)

At 3:12pm on August 19, 2013, Valentine Mark Herman said…

A needle and cotton?

At 5:48am on August 19, 2013, Valentine Mark Herman said…

On your sewing machine...One day, about 15 years ago, I took a Sony Walkman that didn't work to a shop to be repaired. I was told that to send it back to the factory in Germany to be checked out would cost about $30 (almost as much as it was worth), and if I had to have any repairs done, I would have to pay extra for those, and then there was more expense for the return postage and packing. Let's say $60 in all. On the same day, I had my annual medical examination for which I paid my doctor about £$30.

There is something wrong, very wrong, when it costs more to check out a sewing machine or a walkman than a person.

(I bought a new Walkman. Alas, I couldn't buy a new body)

At 6:22am on August 13, 2013, Rachel Freeman said…

Hi Helga...the plan for the mandala call is to have a show at an Aveda Salon...the deadline is December this year...I have had the call for an entire year...my first mail art call!

At 4:58pm on August 2, 2013, Mary J. Grellner said…

Hello Helga:

Welcome to the Odd Shaped Postcard Swap.  If you will mail one to me, you will get one in return. 

Mary Grellner

254 Green Summit Dr.

Wentzville, MO 63385

At 3:17pm on July 31, 2013, Jean-François Aillet said…

Hi, Helga

The artist Jean-Francois Aillet invites you to collect your sample of sand from a moraine, from next to a waterfall or beside a river, along the shore of a lake or a stream, in a desert or on the border of an ocean. One should not, however, send him sand from a construction site. You are asked to document your collection of the material with a photo, taken as you are pouring the sand into a container. For an example, kindly visit his home page at www.aillet.com . English : http://www.aillet.com/traductions/anglais.htm

See you to take part in this international project.

Jean-François Aillet
Sculpteur / Designer
10, Allée des Tilleuls
14860 Amfréville
Normandie / France

At 1:32am on July 21, 2013, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

Earthling, this is the last but certainly not the least welcome message to IUOMA you receive. I’m a celestial mail artist living in a heavenly corner of the faraway universe called Republik van Patland. When you joined IUOMA on June 28 I was unable to welcome you on board.  At the time I was in a celestial journey far beyond the Milky Way. Now, back to planet Earth, I´d love to be the other end when you decide it’s the right time to start trading snail mail art. If this is the case at the time your envelope should read as follows:

The Celestial Scribe

Terrene Embassy

The Celestial Republik van Patland

Caixa Postal 24827




II look forward to see a piece of yours in our terrene mailbox. I will do my homework after receiving yours. This is a celestial promise. I’m Patricio, Celestial Scribe & Republik van Patland official envelope provider.

At 8:34pm on July 18, 2013, Mim Golub Scalin said…

Glad it arrived. Nice to have a good mail day.

At 5:50pm on July 16, 2013, Geri Pate said…

Hi Helga--how strange I was working on some mail art for you just yesterday! (From the other place.) Will post it by the end of the week. Yours was so beautiful!!

At 2:56pm on July 15, 2013, Mim Golub Scalin said…

Mail Art coming your way from me. Check under MEMBERS & you'll see the members current count. You'll have to count back to find what number you came in at. We're not assigned any number. See you in the mail.

At 5:18am on July 15, 2013, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Glad you're enjoying yourself! Try some or all of the following 'fun' people: Mim Golub Scalin, Angie and Snooky, Erni Barr, Vizma Bruins, MomKat, Prairie Kitten, Bifidus jones, Gin, Aly Irwen, Eraser Heed, SuusinMokkum, MailArtMartha, Jusy Staroscik, Jon Foster...that should keep you busy for a while. (Mention my name if you like). Good luck. Good bye. Au revoir. Val

At 4:21pm on July 14, 2013, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Bonjour, I don't think there is such a place, so 'no'.

You could do either or both of the following:

i) post a Blog, introducing yourself and asking if anyone is interested in swopping with you?

ii) selecting some people whom you find interesting (from the photos that are posted, or what they say on the Main page, or the Blogs that they post, or people in Groups that you might be interested in joining, or...no that's enough), and then contacting them directly and ask if they want to swap.

If you like, I can give you the names of some interesting people to kick this thing off.

Let me know how you get on?

Regards, Val

At 6:43pm on July 6, 2013, Amy Irwen said…
Helga, welcome to the Union! You might want to check the Fiber Arts group.. Your elephant pieces are lovely *!*


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