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At 10:28pm on December 11, 2015, TIZIANA BARACCHI said…
At 10:37pm on January 13, 2014, TIZIANA BARACCHI said…

I put your pic in a book of mine:The Tree of Poetry.

Mailart call:


At 11:28pm on May 30, 2013, Celestino Neto said…

Grupo Toca do Lobo - Chame Mail Art



Convidamos Vozes Pará participarem do Nosso Projeto de  
Arte Postal  
Mago UO Magi, plural da Palavra Persa Antiga mago,  
significando Imagem Tanto quanto "hum Homem Sábio",  
Que VEM DO verbo cuja Raiz é "meh", significando grande, e los sânscrito,  
" maha ". Mago usualmente denota AQUELE Que pratica a magia UO ocultismo;  
Localidade: Não entanto, PODE INDICAR alguem também possui Que Conhecimentos e habilidades  
Superiores Como, Por Exemplo, when SE Diz Que hum hum E Músico "mago dos teclados",  
POIs toca com Perfeição. Instrumento musical o  Tema: Mago Técnica: Livre  Tamanho: A4 (SEM Máximo)  Inicio Fazer Projeto: 2010 Término do Projeto: 2013/03/11  QUALQUÉR Pessoa PODE Participar,  Artistas e QUALQUÉR Pessoa AO Redor do Mundo, Enviando Trabalhos com o Tema " Mago ".  Nao Haverá Júri e OS Trabalhos recebidos Nao Serao devolvidos.  Os Trabalhos Serao catalogados e estarão disponível no blog da Toca do Lobo SEM valor comercial.  Exposição dos Trabalhos on-line no blog oficial da Toca do Lobo e Exposição los Espaço Público.  Os Trabalhos PODEM Ser enviado par o endereco:  Grupo Toca do Lobo  Rua: Nossa Senhora Aparecida, novo N º 69 (Antigo 28) Apto 21  Vila Fátima - Guarulhos - São Paulo  Brasil  Cep: 07191-191  e-mail: tocadoloboartepostal @ hotmail. com  blog:  www. tocadoloboartepostal.blogspot.com
At 7:53pm on September 2, 2012, Susan McAllister said…
Great postcard! Thanks so much.
At 6:45pm on June 30, 2012, TIZIANA BARACCHI said…

Mailart project
Doingpoetry: Poetry, Art, Society
Free size, medium and technique
No fee, no jury, no sales, no returns
The show will be held in Pavia in 2012, October 19-21
At Santa Maria Gualtieri
during PAVIART POETRY Festival 2012
Organization by O.M.P. and Farepoesia
Documentation: all submissions will also be posted
on the web sites under costruction in:
info: daliobaracchi@hotmail.com
Artworks should be sent by snail mail
DEADLINE to be received
2012, September 30

send to:
Via Torino 37
I-27100 Pavia

At 11:22pm on April 26, 2012, Susan McAllister said…
Wolfgang, your work is always so interesting. Thanks a bunch.
At 4:42pm on December 25, 2011, TIZIANA BARACCHI said…

The Diary of a Young Girl
Theme: a Mailart exhibition dedicated to Anna Frank and to International Holocaust Remembrance Day. January 27th, 1945: death camp Auschwitz was liberated
Size and technique free
No jury, no returns, no fees
Exhibition in 2012 in Giulianova, Italy
Documentation online gallery and catalogue to all participant if it will possibile (because of sponsor)
All works via post, no email please.
Info: daliobaracchi@hotmail.com o image000@libero.it
Deadline to be received January 12nd, 2012

Isabella Branella
via Giardino 12
I- 64021 Giulianova Lido

At 9:19pm on November 8, 2010, yves maraux said…

At 2:21am on April 14, 2010, Rachel Fasig said…
Hello, Wolfgang! Your Mail Art arrived - I love it! Thank you so much, Rachel
At 5:38am on April 7, 2010, Paulo Jorge Gonçalves said…
At 4:25am on March 24, 2010, Claudia Ligorria said…


Area, region, stall, area, place of belonging, residence, may be given endless definitions of where one chooses to be, by place of birth, which spends much of life, gestate emotions, situations, feelings, making we like being there.
It is possible that we move for various reasons, which makes us to stop taking it in another physical space and its place in the World.
Or that our place in the world a small space like a room, house or a landscape.
One and only one set and choose where to belong. Where he expresses his wishes, his family or weapon projects.
So we always have "our place in the World, by choice or fate or whoever that knows things, we were up there. Wherever we say "this is my place in the world"
How, why and what's yours? Compartámoslo.

Technique: Free
Format: Mail Art - Maximum A4

Deadline: October 31, 2010.

Send to:
Claudia Ligorria / Mail Art
Constitution 1742 PB "A"
(CP 1644) San Fernando
Province of Buenos Aires

Are discussed in this Blog.
Sharing my place in the world with all participants, will be an exhibition of all work in my beloved San Fernando in "plural" - San Fernando.

There will be a 2 nd exhibition of works in a room located in the City of Buenos Aires on a date to be determined.
And which are invited.
Documentation will be sent to all participants.
From already thank you very much for participating, I hope your shipments.
A hug from my place in the world, San Fernando, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.

Claudia Ligorria
At 6:10pm on November 2, 2009, Alison Noble said…
UGLY Mail Art Call
Inspired By: All my darkness, creative anxiety, and angst. Also, Urs Fischer

Size: no bigger than 8 in x 11 in.

Media: Free For All

Deadline: March 1, 2010

A selection will be published for viewing.

Post To:
Alison Noble
550 Lagunitas Rd. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

ENJOY and thanks in advance for your participation!!
At 10:00am on October 15, 2009, yves maraux said…

At 3:33pm on October 9, 2009, Wolfgang Skodd said…
Hallo Wolfgang!
Ich bin kurz davor durch zu drehen! Das einzige was hilft ist Kunst zu machen, aber dass weißt Du ja sicher selbst. Ich liebe Dich - darum halt bitte auch für mich durch!
"Glück auf" wünscht the Banana Man.
At 3:27pm on October 9, 2009, Wolfgang Skodd said…

At 3:11pm on October 5, 2009, Wolfgang Skodd said…
Dear banana man,
Dear friends of the banana man!
Wolfgang Skodd had have troubles to sign in at IUOMA. He decided to start a new page with another E-Mail address. Therefore I got now two identities: Banana man with the “banana stitched” Logo and Wolfgang Skodd “with the hat” Logo. Wolfgang Skodd had also started with his own Blog. Please visit me/him at: http://bananaunderground.blogspot.com/
and enjoy.
With best regards, Wolfgang (banana man) Skodd.
At 11:34pm on September 30, 2009, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…
Writing you a comment, Wolfgang,
and perhaps you can get to your page easy this way?
Hope you have no problems.
All the best,
At 9:45pm on September 30, 2009, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

(My son, Petros/ Peter..and his Leica from Berlin :~)
At 10:52am on September 29, 2009, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…
Of course WE will win, Wolfgang!
The internet and the media, TV, etc...are easy to control.
All we have to do is "shut off"!
I am thankful to Bill Gates and the WWW because we
can now communicate with people all over the world.
And there is so much positive energy that we can send.
IF things go bad, or if they try to manipulate...well, then we just
go "off"!
And now I send you more Greek sunshine, as it is a lovely
September day. I am going "off" to go swimming soon.
Then do ordinary things, like cook, eat, take a Greek siesta!
You have a great day!

Thank you for the photo...
is there a way that you can send your photos
"low resolution" ...low jpg? Because my little computer
does not download fast, and i wait so long to see your photos.
Maybe it is the resolution at IUOMA and it cannot be changed?
I do not know too much about such computer things!

Have a great day my friend!
At 9:40am on September 29, 2009, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…
Good morning sunshine! Goten morgan Wolfgang!
You are up and posting early in the morning.
Thank you for the great Foto des Tages, that is color
on a sunny morning as I open my computer. Very nice,
dear friend, and the fishing boats are here, too, at the little port
of Kallikrateia (my seaside village).

Great sunshine today...I may never return to the city :)
Although the weatherman is saying rain and cloudy for
Thursday and Friday. That will be good because I really
should go back to the city and do some work in
my office at the university?...
or not?

I am sitting under the olive tree, sipping a cup of tea,
with you and Wilma! One day, someday, we'll just
have to get together.

You have a nice day, ya hear!



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