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At 5:41pm on April 21, 2019, Thea Hollister said…

yes I take photos then play with them digitaly. I like to print them in bw and hand color. Thanks for feedback.

At 5:27pm on April 21, 2019, Fleur Helsingor said…

Hello, Judith!

I would love to exchange mail art with you, seasonal or otherwise. Thanks for adding me as a friend!

At 11:06pm on April 19, 2019, Toni Hanner -- tonipoet said…

Hi Judi, Thanks for your "Global Grid" magazine collage. I especially like the melting ice cream cone!  As for my piece I sent you, I certainly don't put any secret meanings into my stuff on purpose! You may well have recognized a paper you sent me, though -- I recycle through ephemera pretty quickly sometimes.I keep a record of the whole pieces I receive but not the "bits and pieces" which I figure are meant to be used in more art. 

I am a poet (my husband is, too). I haven't written much lately because I'm very involved in mail art! There's only so much time in the day! You can see both of us on Amazon (Toni Hanner, Michael Hanner). 

Thanks for the wonderful communication!

At 12:21am on April 6, 2019, Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco said…

Hi Judith

I would like you to participate in the YOUR CITY project.
Maria Consuelo Guacuto


At 12:00am on April 6, 2019, Yayoi S.W. said…

Thanks Judith! On that particular piece you commented I used the gelli paper, where you see the gold and the rest is other painted paper and some mark makings. I use gel medium, but I also like uhu glue especially when I don’t want my hands to be messy ;-)

I mailed something to you earlier this week :-)

At 3:14pm on April 2, 2019, Mone Hartman said…

Thank you, Judith! As a newbie here I'm curiously browsing through the website, very exciting!

At 6:00pm on March 30, 2019, nonimouse said…

Hello again, Judith...I did not look carefully, I see your mailing address is right here.

I am LOVING the photos on your page.  Collage is my favorite medium and I can see you have achieved mastery.  See you in the mail, nonimouse

At 5:54pm on March 30, 2019, nonimouse said…

Greetings, Judith.  I would love to trade mail art with you.

I have not made any art in the last few days, but instead have been focusing on getting my studio in better shape - it was a terrible mess, not the creative kind of mess!

Please give me your mailing address and you will be the next person I send something to.  Thanks for inviting me.

Blessings from nonimouse

4 Starforest Rd.

Black Mountain, NC 28711 USA

At 7:37pm on March 23, 2019, Mail Art Martha said…

Second Oops! 

i called you Judy and than I noticed it is Judith. So sorry.

At 7:35pm on March 23, 2019, Mail Art Martha said…

Oops blog address is this

At 7:33pm on March 23, 2019, Mail Art Martha said…

Thank you Judy. I have posted your interesting collage on my blog here.

I see what I can make with the pages in Hebrew, is it? but first I will take them to my best friend who is Jewish,  although I do not know if she can read it as she was born in Argentina. But I have a neighbour who is definitely from Israel, I am a very curious person.  

Some of your work reminds me of Paul Klee, a favourite of mine. 

At 5:18pm on March 21, 2019, Ilya Semenenko-Basin said…

Habomin or Habonim ? 

Internet: Established in 1949, with over 70 years of experience, Habonim is committed to engineering...

Perhaps for this reason, my letters did not reach you?

At 5:12pm on March 21, 2019, Ilya Semenenko-Basin said…

Hi Judith, Thank you for your collage and for postage stamps.

As soon as I opened the envelope and had not yet fully read the letter, I was so glad to you and your gifts that I was in a hurry to write this little note.

We will see you in the mail! I keep looking at you sent. 

At 3:08pm on March 16, 2019, Sabrina S said…
Hello Judi,
I send you mail art but it came back to me with the note "No?" and something I wasn't able to read. I used the address that is on your profile. This:
Judi Dagan
D.N. carmel coast
Israel 30-845
Is something missing?
Many greetings, now from Finland! Sabrina
At 6:10pm on March 15, 2019, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

To become your IUOMA fiend sounds much more celestial than this scribe.

At 6:08pm on March 15, 2019, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

I´ll do it for you.

At 9:27pm on March 14, 2019, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

You are 100% right.  I´m not "just anyone".  I´m a celestial being and that´s a lot in your planet.  Your mail art arrived in good health, shape and condition.  Thank you.

At 2:34pm on March 11, 2019, carl baker said…


nice work, send mail anytime, i will return.

At 8:04am on March 10, 2019, Mail Art Martha said…

Very happy to be your friend, Judith. I think your work is very, very nice, and besides my second name is also Judith. Sometimes I do collages too.

At 8:11pm on March 2, 2019, Ruby said…

Thank you for the art, Judith, it's lovely ! such an interesting style, I am delighted to have a piece from you. I'll get a package out to you shortly !


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