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At 2:01pm on May 9, 2024, Carien van Hest said…

My pleasure, Martha!

At 6:15pm on May 7, 2024, Bruno Cassaglia - netpoetartist said…

Ciao Cara Amica...come stai? Un fraterno  abbraccio ❤️ 

At 10:44pm on April 10, 2024, Alan Brignull said…

Just to be clear, the 'Odd to a Krokis' was not my work; it was printed by a friend Bill Taylor years ago. The author was 'anonymous' but I have a suspicion it may have been Bill himself. Alas, it's too late to ask now.

At 6:02pm on March 4, 2024, Mikel Untzilla said…

Eskerrik asko-Thanks Mail Art Martha

At 11:45am on February 21, 2024, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Nice string gallery you have , and with your hanging bananas! Thanks, Martha, xxx

At 10:49am on January 25, 2024, Mikel Untzilla said…

Thanks Mail Art Martha

At 5:48pm on December 10, 2023, Bruno Cassaglia - netpoetartist said…

Neo = nuovo e Fluxus è il movimento dove è nata la Mail Art

At 4:43pm on November 18, 2023, Thom Courcelle said…

We are lucky indeed!! And blessed with this online "Third Place" where we can meet and share with one another, Martha. One is hard=pressed to think of other places online that exist where the people are lovely and support one another!  I never take it for granted...OR the hard work and hours that Ruud must certainly put behind its functioning.

I sometimes think we should have a sort of telethon once a year to encourage member-folks to contribute via the "donate" button!  xo

At 12:54pm on November 17, 2023, Zack said…

i saw that; you've handled it well. still, hilarious. 

At 6:15pm on October 25, 2023, Mikel Untzilla said…

Thanks Mail Art Martha

At 7:32pm on October 23, 2023, Eugenia V Keyser said…

Hola qué bueno que algunos de ustedes hablan español.

Perdón por ser tan lenta

Soy nueva en este arte

Cariños. Eu

At 4:05am on October 16, 2023, Fleur Helsingor said…

Hello Martha, and thank you for your kind comments about Andrew's "Deep Oakland" book. I told him about your note and he was touched by it.

It has been quite a year for him and he still has some special events lined up, including an interview on a local radio station at the end of October. So much excitement!

The first printing sold out within about six weeks, and a second printing is in the stores now. That exceeded his expectations. Isn't success sweet?!

At 7:52pm on October 10, 2023, Zack said…

ha ha ha - hilarious! 

yes that IS completely intriguing - what kind of food could be so versatile?

it took me a while to think back about what i've cooked over the past month and then it came to me: halloumi!

At 12:58am on August 24, 2023, Heleen de Vaan said…

Dear Mail Art Martha,

I just found this group - and had to think of you:-)

And of Ali. Can he draw?

At 1:58pm on May 5, 2023, Karen Champlin said…

Martha, thank you for the mail.  It is always such a fun read!

At 2:15am on April 10, 2023, Franny Wahinehae said…

Such great deals from Walmarth!

At 10:10pm on April 4, 2023, Sabela Baña said…

Mail Art Martha: Very thanks by you wonderfull mail art. Tomorrow send you mail art . I hope received soon. Sabela Baña

At 4:37pm on April 4, 2023, Carien van Hest said…

That is one of the most beautiful poems I ever read. About the waves and the sea. Also typographically ten points, Martha. Thank you.

At 11:45pm on March 16, 2023, Karen Champlin said…

thank you Martha for all the fun mail.  A treat!

At 9:10pm on March 15, 2023, Mikel Untzilla said…

Eskerrik asko Mail Art Martha


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