Special sighting of Ruggero Maggi in the mail!

Katerina..."you've got mail" from MAGGI...

I often recycle my Greek instant "mashed potato" box as mail art and send to MAGGI,

and was happily surprised to have this arrive:

Ruggero Maggi is a mail art legend, along with Shozo,

and Cavellini, and even Ray Johnson!

And Bruno Chiarlone is hosting a special SHOZO mail art event:

Maggi also sent this card of a mail art exhibit that honored Shozo:

Maggi sent many fine mail art items:

these stunning TREES, too:

Grazie, Ruggero!

Some fine items to be treasured!

(as Cheryl Penn would say: "I am chuffed!" ;-)

...and with Tibet on the envelope:

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on May 22, 2019 at 2:27pm

Thank you, Carolyn, the "puree" potatoes have Ruggero's name as the brand name...

so i always save-the-box to convert 'em to mail art cards.

If fact, i "save"every kind of cardboard box, backing, etc. to recycle:

This butterfly-Spring series was made with the sides of the cardboard boxes

from face tissues! 

Then there is UHU glue, of course:

and from cookies..juice containers, too:

There once was a whole "cerealism" mail art series with cereal boxes!

Never throw away anything :-)



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