One of those familiar brown long envelopes from Japan arrived in Greece today.

Not from Brain Cell, Ryosuke, but from Tomoe.

It had an interesting postage seal, as it was stamped ONE year and ONE day since the tragedy in Japan...

11.3.11....12.3.12 !

Tomoe created a fun collage, with men on bikes but with fantasy items floating surrealistically around.

A tiny straw hat becomes gigantic on one fellow!

two others ride their bikes toward a felt cactus and wire dog, tiny kid, too.

Also in the envelope was am artsy tea bag! 

A tiny ATC inside the tea bag and a button on the string.

Also an "asemic-to-me" sticker in Japanes n the back of the collage.

Really very fascinating moments spent admiring Tome's art work!

Thank you so much, Tomoe. May you have many happy moments creating such happy art!

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on March 16, 2012 at 7:07pm

You art work is very fascinating, Tomoe. Keep making such collage creations. They make you happy to make them, and they make me happy to receive them. Happy creative art making to you!

Comment by Tomoe N on March 16, 2012 at 3:01am

To Katerina, Thank you for showing all the details of my mail art. I think this came out to be the best collage I have made for mail art, and I really enjoyed when I made. yes, I have collected all the small paper, stickers etc, so I decided to use to show to other people, rather than collecting ones. ;p)

Funny how other people interpreted. The postal mark is so common to me and never payed attention. But I did not noticed a wild duck on the seal before. Yes, it was a day after 1 year momentum for the Tohoku earthquake in Japan. And on 3/11 there have been special TV programs in all channels and all day!!

I took the photo in San Francisco, and there is a day that people running with bikes on the last week of Friday called "Critical Mass". It is an eco movement and bikers running on road and take over the car path in the whole city and I like to take photo on that days. Sometimes I send just as a photo, but to make more as a mail art, I decided to create a collage from it. ; ) 

About the collage stuff, since my guy is Mexican and I like Mexican culture so I've had the stickers, but never had a chance to use it before. The two people have something on their head so I wanted to put something on the left guy head too. : ) Many people who got my mail art mistook it, but the clip is supposed to be a cat. (It does not matter how you interpreted though.) There are different shapes of clips so I want to get other designs and spread around too. Another thing, orange plastic paper on curve with flower was a part of Japanese mayonnaise tube.

About the card, I made like a 5 of them during the book art class at my college, and it was supporsed to be a mini Christmas card on 2010. But I did not have chance to give to anybody, so I decided to give out to mail artists friends now. This is the last one. I am glad you like it and I feel like I should make more of those stuff. Actually there was a book on paper handmade stuff in Japanese and I used the instruction to make it.

I first wanted to recycle the real tea bag, but by using translucent paper, you can see through something, so I thought it would be fun!!

Oh, "asemic-to-me" sticker is my name and address in Japanese and I always use it when I send mail in Japan, but off course if you don't know any Japanese characters, it looks like a mystery sticker. lol

Katerina. I am glad you feel happy with my art. My life may not be happy all the time, but when I make art, I feel calm and happy. (^_~)

I felt good to count as next to Ryosuke as Japanese mail artist. It was my honor.


Comment by Carina on March 15, 2012 at 8:04pm

Funny chaotic, I love it!



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