My red-violet autumn flowers like the mail art that arrived during the week while I was traveling. Here is the perfect blue-taped-envelope from Karen Champlin and inside, a wonderful ATC! There isn't a map fragment, but I so spot the front of a gondola from Venice printed there or is that an asemic symbolThank you, Karen, 'love the "Lό ve", too!

Snooky dog likes my autumn flowers, too. And I looove what Snooky dog and Angie sent:

banana stickers! Yay! Going "happy' bananas, thank you Angie xx

Going bananas from Diane Keys, too! Great trashpo, girl, these stickers are rare

and gotta just love that cardboard (and tea bag tag!). Thanks mucly, xx

And then there settled onto my autumn flowers this great piece from "E" in France! Super colors from Utopia! 

Also Douglas Galloway in sunny California sent "woven" colors and images of light and shadows. Thanks, Doug!

Deb Clandening from B.C.Canada, sent a fun octopus with most likely "Poseidon". Thank you, Deb, it brought a smile to my face today, and go for "365"!

Cavellini? Yes, of course, special display to complete this artwork at my "favorite place at home": my flower pot on the balcony! Must send this image to Gianni Romeo for his Cavellini project!

From Argentina came a gem of a tiny ATC, along with a catalog documentation of "Idiom is Identity" mail art project by Claudia Ligorria. And a second mail art piece from Claudia with great humor and delicate watercolors! Thank you so much, Claudia!

"Eye" see that mail art from Katie Robinson just goes perfectly in the autumn flowers! And there are TWO cards,too, along with an invitation to send mail art from Greece to her Mail Art Club in London. 'Will do very soon, Katie!

From CP (no, not Cheryl Penn ;-) from Cathέrinε Pεtrέ..

a wonderful etched "doggie"..."is it you?"

Thank you so much, CP ! (...and the fun "ZALOP" will be posted at "ZALOP" group) xx

Ah, a great collection of mail art arrived while I was away,

and my autumn flowers are happy to receive all (and more)!

Thank you to all, for they are wonderful mail art, each and every one! xxx


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Comment by DKULT on November 22, 2011 at 8:13pm

Kat, believe it or not, I found that banana peel on the street. I knew it was for sending to you. I'm glad I glued the holy heck out of it as it made it intact--tacky huh? 

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on November 21, 2011 at 4:00pm

Heee, heee, thank you everyone...see what happens when you don't pick up the mail for a week?  Of course it was a joy to receive all this great mail art, even with the bills from the tax office and electric company. Made the pain of paying bills so much more pleasant!

Oh! and another haul came in today's "Monday Mail"....more atop the autumn flowers: ZALOPAS!

Comment by prettylily on November 21, 2011 at 2:01am

Oh my!  Serves you right for leaving town.  Priceless treasures - all of them.  Great stuff!

Comment by Nancy Bell Scott on November 21, 2011 at 1:06am

That IS quite the haul, wow! Beauteous blog, Katerina.

Comment by Marie Wintzer on November 21, 2011 at 12:01am

Nice idea with the flowers Katerina, a very seasonal blog, great mail again!



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