Art and Knights of Infinite Resignation.

Apparently Knights of Infinite Resignation are like troubadours who sit by a tower serenading a princess they can never save but wiki doesn't always get things right. I am seeking mail art for 

Irom Sharmila Chanu

Human Rights Defender

Security Ward

Jawaharlal Nehru I M S


Imphal East

Manipur 795005


We have been engaged to be married for some years just need to organize a prison break and art attack is one of the methods. How's it going I dunno maybe a few more years.

I live in a small village in Co Galway Ireland, Portumna. She would find it difficult to send mail art in return so I shall do so on her behalf. The reason I mention Portumna is that the Irish take poetry and art very seriously. In the Spring/Summer there will be Arts Festivals here so artists from around southern ireland will exhibit poets singers musicians dancers. I can send you the freebies they offer. Not expensive but how else will you get programmes for arts festivals from Portumna. To give you a measure for an ordinary poetry reading by locals maybe 100 plus people will turn up at the local pub to listen. This is a small village of no more than a few thousand souls.

That's the deal. For now I can send something kitsch from one of the local stores, maybe postcards of portumna or a pen with a green irish sheep on it. But come Spring Summer I can give you more respectable stuff.

If you check out her name you'll find out she's the real deal. Please don't signpost me groups I should really try. If you think anyone will listen more then please don't let me stop you contacting them for her. What I am offering is art for art. I am not a do -gooder. I am if you must press what Kierkegaard called a Knight of Faith unless of course wiki got that wrong too.

Desmond Coutinho she calls me her fiance and true supporter. To others if known at all I am called an international sex spy and man of mystery. I do have very bad teeth. Quick as you like I can send you something when you send her something and come Spring Summer you get the good stuff. She'll still be there.

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