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Love letter that opens into a little art gallery

This love letter was written by Alfred Joseph Frueh, an American cartoonist, and illustrator, to his wife Giuliette Fanciulli on January 10, 1913.

When folded according to the instructions, the letter transforms into a mini model of an art gallery.

Frueh made this model to…


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At Haig Park market today

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Thought for the day

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ODYSSEY mail art call out with my rough translation

The sea has always forced and forces man to dream, to meditate in front of its immensity
- Maria Savi Lopez
Odyssey is a call for creators and artists, open to all those who want to create and tell the sea and its immensity coordinated by the artist Gianfranco Brambati.…

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World Tiny Art Gallery Day 15 April 2023

I'd never heard of WTAGD before.

Is there a World Mail Art Day?

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Fans of mine ;)

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For those following at home

I'm still waiting on the arrival of the the acrylic keychains to test the idea of making a call out for small mail art (4cm x 4cm) that I will pin to a jacket and become a walking gallery; filming myself visiting national cultural institutions, commercial galleries, public spaces etc. Stay tuned, if you're interested ;)

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It would be nice if.....

It would be nice if when you send your work to a mail art call out that includes an exhibition, that someone takes a few pics or even a short video of the exhibition. Maybe visitors looking at the work. As an artist, the reward is simply often that your visible. Just an idea. 

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My secret side project

I have a side project where I cast small plaster skulls, number them, and leave them in random spots around the city for people to find. It's not Mail Art of course, it's more like Street Art....but I prefer to think of it as Guerrilla Art.

(Ssshhh, don't tell anyone)…


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I've been thinking.....

I've been thinking about hosting a Mail Art event and wondering what the theme, exhibition location etc could be. My latest thoughts have been to gather all the works I receive and pin them to a large overcoat. I would then visit the national gallery, national museum, commercial galleries etc and photograph/film myself wearing it as I walk around. If anyone asked about the works I'd hand them a small catalogue. So I'd be a walking exhibition gallery. Just a thought at this stage.

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Indian Matchbox art

Just sharing my love of Indian matchbox art

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Venice Biennale or something

Wouldn't it be cool if one of the artists representing their country at the Venice Biennale decided to turn over the whole pavilion to a huge international Mail Art call out. There's something delightful in telegraphing the idea that all of us can be creative - even if we don't necessarily all call ourselves, 'artists' - and we all can have a voice, be seen, contribute to a conversation. Afterall, that's what social media has brought us. Or perhaps a Museum of Mail Art that accepts…


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Margaret Killgallen (b.1967 - d.2001)

I can always see the line waver and I think that's where the beauty is - Margaret Killgallen

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Word and Movement / Wort und Bewegung

My artistic challenge today is to make something for the Word and Movement / Wort und Bewegung exhibitions in Tübingen and Stuttgart (Germany). I've been looking at Muybridge photos for inspiration: 

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Returning to Mail Art

First started Mail Art back in the 1980s - well before the Internet. Everything was by snail mail. You'd send off your work into the void and maybe a couple of months later you'd receive a catalogue. As a teenager that was exciting. Now of course connecting is so much easier. And I'm not sure why I haven't reconnected sooner!

Between then and now I graduated from art school, travelled the world, exhibited my work here and there, lived in a shack in the bush of Tasmania with no…


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