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An apology, of sorts

Hello dear IUOMA colleagues, 

I want to let you know that I appreciate all my incoming mail, add and pass, ATCs, and more. I've been slow to respond, absent from responding on-line, etc. because I've been obsessed with writing postcards to voters, to get out the vote, here in the USA. I'm obsessed by this. I'm getting aches in my thumb joints, and wrists, and maybe even writers elbow (instead of tennis elbow, a game…


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My newest Landscape Beautification Project

I think I've learned how I need to save photos in order to post them here. Fingers crossed I did indeed learn it.

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Tea Time - deadline extended into 2019

2 January 2019


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Postcards with an important purpose

I've been sending mail art postcards out into the world for a long time. And I think Mail and Mail Art is VERY important to improving the world.

And now I've another purpose for sending out postcards. I've become a member of a group sending out postcards to voters.…


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We're on the move!

I'm so happy! I finally did it - I purchased our tickets for a visit to Paris. We haven't been back since 2012, so my Français is rusty, but I've pulled out my books to review. We'll be there from the 18 October to the 31 October. If anyone is going to be there or nearby, maybe we can do a Mail-Art meet up. Dean? We'll stay in the city, other than a day trip or two. Am I…


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My Birthday greeting to Erni

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Received Mail and an add & pass boekie

From Edward From MomKat My pages in an add and pass boekie that started with Roope Laine in Finland, then to Amy Irwen in USA, then me

and now…


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Received Mail, recent

Alan Brignull and Elke Grundmann

I'm on a learning curve with my Chrome Book. I can't always FIND the photos that I take and download. Whew. I managed to find these recent arrivals. I, also, received good mail from Kat in Greece. hugs for all the…


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Mail Art Archive

I'm so excited! I contacted the Special Collections librarian at the university library where I used to teach. I invited her to come to our home and look at my Mail Art archive. I spent days and days sorting and organizing. I couldn't believe how tired I would get and how long it was taking. I loved seeing all the mail again. Old memories, remembering when I got pieces. My…


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Happy and merry to all

Wishing all a good holiday season and wishing for all of us, around the world, a year ahead that is better than we can, at this moment, imagine. And, as always, the ever elusive PEACE. At the very least, we can attempt to find it in our own hearts.

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Excited about what my kids do! A shameless post!

My creative offspring have done a book together. It'll be out in the spring of 2017 (but can be pre-ordered on Amazon!)

This is a result of the successful Creative Sprint project, which you can be a part of, if you'd like. I'd recommend it highly. I've participated and it's great fun. It's free. You just have to sign-up for the daily prompts. It starts in October of this…


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Returned Mail Art - comments appreciated.

So I want to run this by my mail art cohorts and get your input on it.

Our kids asked a number of long time friends to send them photos of them and us, to put into an album they were making us for our BIG birthday celebration this past weekend.

And people did, and it was fun to see us and our long time friends together. Nice memories. Many of these people are in…


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Playing around with temporary-ness and email art.

I had a couple "conversations" with Keith Bates that got me thinking about the validity of email art. And I'm thinking that making temporary mail art, that only exists via a scanned image then sent through the interweb, makes people's electronic mail boxes just as happy as their physical mail boxes getting mail art. Oh that's convoluted, but you get what I'm getting at. SO I've…


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The Mighty Violet

My daughter's friend has a three year old who is in hospital undergoing invasive procedures. Cards would cheer her and her parents.
She is a super tough 3 year old who loves Peppa Pig and watching whale, dolphin and octopus videos on YouTube!
Send to: The Mighty Violet
Maria Fareri Children's Hospital room 2140
100 Woods Road, Room 2140, Valhalla, NY 10595 USA

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Creative Sprint

Join me in this really fun, free, creative project. I did it last year and it was excellent. You'll receive a prompt every day for 30 days. It's not as big a commitment as a 365 day project, that's for sure. I was able to use Mail Art during the Sprint. Sign up at #…


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Catching up, I think.

I was looking at the stack of mail in my "to be responded to" box and became paralyzed for a moment - how had I gotten so behind in this? Oh, yes, of course. I've got to just tackle that box. I feel so badly that people haven't heard from me in awhile, so what is…


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Creative Sprint - starts 1 October 2015

Here's something that might interest members of IUOMA. I did this last spring and I'm signing up to do it again.

Go to the link HERE and learn all about how to get your creativity in gear. Sign up for free, you've nothing to lose.

(note: transparency here, this is a project of our son and daughter's business.)

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