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Mail Received from: Heide Monster, Bonniediva,Mike Parsons, Ed Giecek,Classe de Madame Grosset and Mark Rossmiller.

Before I go into details of the mail art that was sent to me, I must apologize for not being able to upload a photo of each. I am running out of storage on my laptop. :(

Hope I can solve this issue soon.

From Heide Monster- a stitched postcard of flowers and a copy of a drawing that she made. Both very nice.

From Bonniediva - Issue #6 of her Bon-Zine (The Mom Issue)...OMG, it is so funny! :)

From Mike Parsons - a nice note and a paper of scribbled…


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More Mail Received: Pam Chatfield and Carmen Kennedy.

From Pam Chatfield: a cute ATC of an Owl in heart glasses!

From Carmen Kennedy: a lovely painted, stamped piece with a quote by Philip Trussell from "Sentences"

Thank you…


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More Mail Received: Amber Scribble, Amy Irwen, Erica Durante, Gerda Osteneck andToni Hanner.

From: Amber Scribble: Two lovely painted and stamped cards.

From Amy Irwen: a Fiber art ATC with a painted background, sewn scraps of fabric and some fiber strands. 

From Erica Durante: a…


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Mail Recently Received: Bill Porter,Judith Dagan,Katerina and Lorella Castagnini.

From Bill: a lovely watercolor titled" Tree on a Hill". Thanks Bill, I love it.

From: Judith Dagan: a lovely Spring collage of a little cute mouse in the garden. 

From: Katerina- a cute Easter…


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Mail Received from : Heide Monster, Jorge Martin and Mike Parsons.

From Heide M: a food storage container decorated with a cupcake, ice-cream and candy paper. I really thought there was a Yummy Cupcake in there but no! Instead a gorgeous little embroidered needle keeper in a tiny matchbox! I love it, Heide!

Food Container:

Note, stamps and tiny matchbox:…


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Mail received Yesterday and Today from: Julie Dennehy,C.Kennedy,Bonniediva,Thea Hollister .

From Julie Dennehy: a lovely gelli printed postcard "It's all perspective" . Love the colors and your message on the back of it. Your sunny bit of mail art did make me smile. :)

From: C. Kennedy: a nice envelope with two A&P's and a lovely bookmarker!…


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Mail Received today from : The Olathe Poste (Bill Porter), Jane Marlin and Gerda Osteneck.

From The Olathe Poste (Bill)- a lovely watercolor of a  flower and a matching envelope! Thanks Bill your paintings ALWAYS brighten my day! :)

Matching Envelope from Bill P-

From Jane Marlin- a…


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Mail that Arrived Today from : Judith Dagan and Jorge Martin.

From Judith: a paper collage that she has titled "Cave Dwellings".

Thanks for the letter and the papers.

From Jorge Martin: a collage of different postage stamps with a red square.



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Mail Received Part 2 from: Sabela Bana, Linda Rogers,Ramona Adams,.Julie Dennehy, Heleen V.

From Sabela Bana- a cute Valentine

From Linda Rogers - a lovely postcard done with a stencil, paste and lots of fun colors.

A bright and shiny butterfly ATC with beads and collage from Linda…


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Mail Art Recently Received From: Richard Baudet and Bill Porter, Ed Giecek,Mike Parsons , Bonniediva!

From Richard Baudet and Bill Porter: a lovely watercolor A&P started by Bill with a lovely watercolor vase of flowers. Richard finished it off with a lovely watercolor scene! Thanks to both of you for doing this for me.

Here is Richard lovely envelope with notes to me.…


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Happy Mail from Kayenderes, Sabela Bana, Discoflux and David Stafford!

From Kayenderes: A lovely fabric Valentine's Day postcard. Love it.

From Sabela Bana from Spain: a cute postcard of sweet animals.

From Discoflux: Her Valentine exchange.…


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Mail Received that "Gremlins" were hiding from me ! From Bonniediva, Patricia Landon, The Olathe Poste (Bill) :(

Hi Friends,

Let me apologize for posting these now (from January ). The Darn Gremlins hid them from me. :)

From Bonniediva:  a lovely Oriental Style  Baby New Year postcard. Right up my Alley. :)

From Patricia Landon: A lovely Christmas postcard....…


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Mail Received from : Amber Scribble, Toni Hanner, The Olathe Poste (Bill) and Jimmy Connors.

From Amber S : a lovely file folder collage...Love it! From Toni Hanner: a lovely collage of a flower and butterfly "

Des Papillons,des fleurs qui chantent Presque" Butterflies, flowers flying and almost singing.…


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Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!



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Mail recently received from : Judy Staroscik, Maria Quiroga, Boozy Barb, Bradford(Fluxus),The Olathe Poste , Massimo Medola and Jayne Lyons.

From Judy S: A Happy New Year Postcard

From Maria Quiroga: a nice collage postcard.

From Boozy Barb: A Valentine's Day Heart (my first) and a cute Valentine's Day ATC with a little birdie holding a…


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Mail Received from: Amber Scribble, Nancy Bell Scott and Mike Parsons.

From Amber - a nice card with a watercolor background and a stamped butterfly and some A&P's. The A&P's are all done and mailed out. :)

From Nancy Bell Scott- a small colorful piece.



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Merry Christmas to All!

Hi Friends,

Merry Christmas to All!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Christmas hugs,


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Mail Received from : Bill (The Olathe Poste), James Chester,The Introverted Post,Ed Giecek,Amy Candiotti,Toni Hanner,Judy Staroscik,Ruth Giles!

From Bill (The Olathe Poste)- some lovely papers and some A&P's

From James Chester: A little booklet titled" I Can't Draw", a fun envelope with a cartoon of Liberace playing the piano,

a nice printed I Robot postcard…


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Mailed Received this week from: Katerina, Bill Porter and Carolyn Cline.

From Katerina- a Halloween/Thanksgiving card with a laminated real leaf and a happy pumpkin.

From Bill Porter" The Olathe Poste" - Three lovely scenic Colorado postcards

From Bill Porter - A Ray…


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Mail Received this week from: Bonniediva, Dee Doyle, Mike Parsons,The Introverted Post,Kristen Hermanny,The Olathe Poste and Tim Collapse!

Long Post here!

From: Bonniediva- Two collages. This one which she titled" Pumpkins easy to Carve!"

The second one: From : Dee Doyle- a beautiful drawing and painting of a Flower Girl.



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