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ISLAND 2014 from “Neverland” to “Utopia”… Mail-Art International Call

Utopia is one of the most common concepts of happiness of people of all races, cultures and religions in one or another form. Be it Christianity with its concept of Heaven and paradise called The Garden of Eden waiting ready for the faithfuli, Norsemen Asatru with mighty Asgaard floating among clouds with its halls of Valhalla prepared for the bravest warriorsii, Muslims with Jannah – their own paradise designed to be a resting place for martyrsiii, and Sir Thomas More’s…


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This n' that

This blog will record anything and everything, for a start here is a get together we had in the Morpeth Arms, London, on Monday 28, July. The occation was the fleeting visit of the Artist in Seine, Dean Marks. Sue, that is Stripygoose, and Scott of Going Postal fame joined in the art making and the chatting.  I didn't take many photos as I was busy coping with the fast production line, we each worked in turn in each postcard. If any of you are planning a…


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St. Louis Arch - From Unknown

I wasn't able to see who sent this ... if you want me to know, you can message me!

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New digital collage for The Middle Finger Project from Keith Bates

To see all of the Middle Finger Project work, visit the blogspot here:…


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New work for The Middle Finger Project from El Taller de Zenon

Collage on cardboard from Miguel Jimenez (El Taller de Zenon). The Middle Finger Project is an ongoing project. If you'd like to submit your work, please visit the Group page here at…


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Featured Artist for October on ReDux Arts Magazine Website

This month's featured artist is Brazilian artist and IUOMA member Alexandre Gomes Vilas Boas. Check out all of his portraits, "hybrid" art books, and drawings at the website link:

ReDux Arts Magazine - Featured Artist…


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Brain Cell #863 for the Middle Finger Project from Ryosuke Cohen


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Postcard from Lord Fugue of Sky City

I don't think Lord Fugue is an IUOMA member, but I've gotten a few pieces of mailart from him/her.

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Golden Ticket Mail Art Zine published by Jon Foster

Jon is an IUOMA member and if you're interested in getting a copy of his zine, contact him here.…


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Surprise from Diane Keys

Diane sent this surprise sealed in bubble wrap ... should I cut away the bubble wrap and reveal the prize inside?!  Should I?  Should I not??  Tell me what you think by leaving a comment and I will do what the rabble instructs!…


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From Eduardo Cardoso

Two beautiful minimalist collages from Eduardo!…


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A New Home for Un<>Cut Magazine

2013 will find my magazine Un<>Cut on the web. Many IUOMA artists (and others) have had their work in the past six print editions of the magazine. This year, it has expanded to a website allowing for more content, as well as content that can't be featured in a print version.

Follow the link to the new website, and take a look for yourself. Please don't hesitate to leave comments, any feedback good or bad always makes for an improved effort. Thanks again for your past…


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Un<>Cut Magazine Now On the Web!

Many of you know that I've been publishing a print magazine, several of the IUOMA artists have had their work featured in it including Eduardo Cardoso and Carina Granlund in the Winter 2012 issue. Matthew Rose and David Stafford were also featured in past issues. In addition to the print version, Un<>Cut now has its own website and I encourage everybody to go take a look! You can find it by following this link:…


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Simon Warren and the End of a Novella and the World?

Chapters 100 and 101 were received from Simon Warren over the weekend. I'm wondering if this is the close of a very intriguing, ambitious novella of words and drawings?

Simon, if you are reading this, thank you very much for 101 chapters of work. The effort and insight are much appreciated. I've written to you before to thank you but you've not yet responded. Again, if you are reading this, please feel free to write or exchange mailart. "Good on ya, mate!"…


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Mail art from Jim SantAmour and Pedro Bericat

A great piece from Jim SantAmour!

I took part in a soundtrack project called "1 minute autohypnosis" that Pedro Bericat organized, and he was kind enough to send out this object.  The package contains a CD disk with all of the participants' soundtracks along with an embossed…


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The final drawing from Simon Warren's End of the World Novella

The final 6 chapters from Simon Warren's "12-12-12 End of the World Project" novella have been posted!…


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Stamps and more from C.T. Chew

Wonderful wonderful stamps created by Carl:

They're so gorgeous that I can't use them yet, can't part with them, but will…


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Human Artist Vending Machine travels the world through art

Art opens our world to new ideas and new possibilities. Brent has his art travel the world and get photographed. Living vicariously through the fun our art has ... Here is Brent's mail to me and some of our travels together ...…


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Clever ATCs and a boekie from Samuel Montalvetti

I always love getting mail from Samuel. Here is a postcard (upper left), an add and pass envelope artist book (upper right), a new envelope (bottom) and a clever ATC package ... lower right.…


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