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Comment by Medwolf on October 5, 2012 at 4:10am

If I were to talk to the moon I would say~well hmmm my statement would be "is David Zack really??" he was an early mail artist and no one seems to know or care where his spirit sleeps or if in fact he is dead and has been misplaced but no matter he should be found and his where abouts made known so that mail artists today can have the choice of visiting or creating an offering site or shrine in his honor as should be done with the resting places of all great mail artists who have taken that last step in this life and gone on to the other side where they now dance with the stars and drink water from the big dipper...and I have been asking the mail art circle "is he really ?? and did he surrender that day in Mexico or did they take his old rusty truck and make it surrender..and why is it all now a big secret?" David Zack was one of our own...a door opener when mail art wore the clothes of a young artist...and he unlike other greats such as Ray MIA and some of us would simply like to he really??

Comment by Medwolf on September 17, 2012 at 10:04pm

the only way to truly track Zack is through the words he left behind..some where in those words is the answer to where he rests or hides..his IQ was off the scale and he often would write or say things that connected the dots years later...that is the David Zack I remember...and how many death certificates have only a name dated on april fools day...some one knows where he sleeps..some one knows what happened to him...or he is alive which would answer as to why I cant find his grave...

Comment by Medwolf on September 8, 2012 at 9:08am

David Zacks "death certificate says nothing..just his name and is dated on april fools day..put that together with this~ Michael Leigh,an artist in the UK got..

A postcard from Dave Zack from Mexico where he lived at the time. Sent in 1984. On the reverse Zack writes- " Michael- This is too vital to my Correspondence History to plan out or prefabricate, let alone prevaricate in any way. I have refused to give the Tapia family the cash Christmas gift they demand. They lowered and I still refused. Three times I went to my parents with the Tapias. These lovable and living ancestors of mine smiled lovably and pointed at me. Cesario refused to take Genovera's last month's pay, holding out for the Christmas present. I said my festival as a ULC minister is not Christmas, but April 1st. He said he never heard of it. I told him to watch out for it, it'd be better than bullfighting. This isn't bad, sometimes people get killed." I find this interesting lol
Comment by Medwolf on September 3, 2012 at 6:34am

well hmm I knew Zack in the real and now lol but~ the legend, the myth, the story...well it is all one and the night and day to earth or life and death to a real warrior... lol ummm I am hearing that "crackerjack kid" may have had the last contact with the Oz in Texas in 1995 but hmmm I did get a card in zacks bird scratches in 1998...if he no longer walks this earth some one planted his bones some where...and I dout its in a back yard...and being one of us we should not leave him as MIA..he was real,his bones r real and I would like to find them...its that simple

Comment by De Villo Sloan on September 2, 2012 at 3:45pm

Interesting to hear another confirmation from a reliable & veteran member of the network that David Zack existed.

There is no way that all the mail-artists sharing their memories are still seeking to carry on "The Great Conspiracy," if they had ever been involved. (I am a HUGE Blaster Al fan - but his genius is the invention of fictions, know what I mean? And Blaster Al turns up many places on the fragmented Zack path.)

The MinXus-Lynxus blog (in a small way) has taken up the David Zack case. We received another reliable confirmation that Zack was a real person. It's really necessary to absolutely confirm his existence before dealing with the subject of his mysterious passing from the M-L perspective.

I came into the network later when Zack was an established figure. I have to admit, my first reaction to the recent interest in his death is that he was an invented identity in the first place - another Monty Cantsin figure who, while maybe associated with several real people, was an identity assumed by dozens upon dozens of individuals over time. (All this must sound strange indeed to people who aren't aware of this part of mail-art history).

And history is the point: Assuming David Zack is/was a real person, his accomplishments include (1) expanding and extending mail-art beyond anything Ray Johnson imagined, (2) creating the "Open Pop Star" concept for performance art (3) providing the foundation for Neoism (4) pioneering the correspondence novel, and of course there is much more.

In short, this guy made serious contributions to avant garde art. He has been given a small place in history already, if Google searches are an indication. But, personally, I think he might be deserving of even more recognition.

Beyond all the shape shifting, his physical bones probably do rest somewhere. No one knows where. Perhaps that isn't important, but maybe the legend, the myth, the story - maybe that is.

Comment by Terry Reid on September 2, 2012 at 9:49am

was Zack real - he was real, but following this, it is obvious that he is/has become a legend - another kind of shape-shifting

Comment by Medwolf on August 29, 2012 at 7:35pm

Hmmm ok a few days ago I met this old guy living under the Borden bridge about a half hour from where I live and he carves faces out of river drift wood and he says he is 74,and has a plastic foot and says I met him in the 70`s and he taught me several languages,and I taught him to speak wolf and zack would be 74,he was missing a foot,he did teach me several languages,I remember zack had a wounded crow that wouldnt leave and always said caw lol and so thats where he got that name "Art Cause Pub." I told zack I could only speak raven and wolf and he said ravens are always lying so he didnt like them..damit but this old man under the bridge does look like zack..but he is an old black guy lmao but has me thinking~and the never ending story lives on...

Comment by Medwolf on August 27, 2012 at 7:31pm

in those old days I was known as "The Metis Poet" to Blaster,Buz,John M Bennett etc a name Zack pinned on me lol and u have asked "is David Zack alive" my answer to that is YES he lives... some one hides his bones I think but he himself lives and walks and speaks to us through the never ending story...

Comment by De Villo Sloan on August 27, 2012 at 6:13pm

Great stuff, Medwolf. I was in the network when Neo, Blaster Al, David Zack & all that stuff was coming through. It was brilliant, funny, and SO totally confusing with all those different identities & things that maybe did or didn't happen - "shape shifters" for sure. I think the people who did all that definitely will never be forgotten & if anything will keep on being rediscovered. There's so much, for instance, I didn't get the first time through, It's great to hear your memories & find someone who was "there" if there is any there in that case.

Comment by Medwolf on August 27, 2012 at 5:36pm

also I dont think mail artists ever truly die..I think maybe they just regroup at an unknown mystical gallery some where and as I recall my friend David Zack was not a bad guy he was just misunderstood sorta like umm he knew why a perfect eagle has 13 tail feathers and there are 13 moons in the native american seasons..he knew that the number 13 is truly a lucky number lmao and I am sure the 14 all knowing ones knew this to and some one had to dance on the clouds lol but was it him?



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