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I like mailart.
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Mikel Untzilla , P.O.Box 47, E-20230 Legazpi-Euskadi.

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  • Sabela Baña

    Muchas gracias Mikel 

  • Coco

    Hi and thanks for your greetings, Mikel! CU in the Mail-Art :)

  • Nancy Bell Scott

    Much appreciated, Mikel, thank you ---

  • Amy

    Thank you for the welcome! 

  • Sabela Baña

    Mikel: Muchas gracias 

  • Tohei Mano

    Dear friend,

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    I apprecite your kindness! 

    The other day I received your mail art, too.

    Please keep in touch.

    Best--Tohei Mano

  • Zack

    Bonjour - 

    thanks for the birthday wishes, Mikel. it was a sunny day, and i was able to dance and picnic with friends.

    (that's me in the red shoes)

    oh hey and speaking of special days --

    may your mailbox always be full! 



  • DeeDee Maguire

    Thank you for your fabulous piece of artwork! A splendid welcome -- I love it!

  • Sabela Baña

    Gracias Mikel 

  • Stephanie Lentz Morrison

    i need to start sending more often!!!! I usually send about monthly except 4 the past 2 months!!! Looking forward to exchanging with you and ty for posting here what i sent you!!! xoxo Sugar Cube


  • Tomoe N

    Hello Mikel,

    Thank you for your birthday wishes.


  • Gabriele Müller

    Hi, I liked specially the blue fish who bites himself

  • Jean-Philippe Gilliot

    Thank you very much for my birthday

  • William M

    Thanks for the kind birthday wishes Mikel!

  • Laura Pintus

    Thank u for your bday wishes 😊
  • Mail Art Martha

    Mikel! Thank you for posting on my page.

  • Maria Teresa Cazzaro

    Thank you 

  • Mail Art News

    thank you Mikel U for the birthday wishes. 

  • Charlotte Geister

    Hi Mikel, thanks a lot for these very special birthday wishes! I really enjoyed it!

    Have a fine creative time! Charlotte

  • Diana Venturi

    It was a pleasure Mikel

  • Kiki

    Hola Mikel!

    Gracias for your mail art!

    Wishing you more happy mails :-)

  • DeeDee Maguire

    Thanks ever so much for your greetings and Mail Art!!!
    Please forgive me 🙏 for taking too long to reply to you! Look to see some snail mail from me in the next few weeks!



  • Aina Enciso

    Gracias Mikel, que tengas felices fiestas!

  • Hélène LAGACHE

    Con alegría Mikel.

  • Guido Capuano

    Ciaoooooooo !

  • holly johnson

    Yes, thank you, see you in the mail!

  • Pierpaolo Limongelli


  • Sabela Baña

    Gracias Mikel 

  • Jason C. Motsch

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Mikel!
  • Tiziana Tomaselli

    Ciao Mikael, grazie per la tua Mail Art Compleanno 17 Gennaio !
    Spero che tu abbia ricevuto la mia.

  • Carien van Hest

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  • Matej Majda

    I´ve just recieved your envelope, thank you.

    Expect my reply soon!

  • Stephanie Lentz Morrison

    LOVE THE POSTS!!!! Thank you for posting and for the AWESOME MAILART!!!!!

  • Heleen de Vaan

    Thank you, Mikel!

  • Laurence Roberts

    lovely art ---so many joyous images 

    Tin Tin is terrific too

  • Gerald Jatzek

    Eskerrik asko.
    Muchas gracias.
  • Diana Venturi

    Muchas gracias Mikel!!!!

  • Kiki

    Hola Mikel,

    I received 6 prints of your carved stamps for my hand-carved stamp mini zine project. Thank you! I will send you a stamp zine when finished :-)

  • Sabrina S

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, Mikel! :)

  • Hélène LAGACHE

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Carien van Hest

    Mikel Untzilla has invited you to join Year 2024

    Thank you for inviting me, Mikel!

  • Hester

    Thanks for the mailart! something will come to you soon

  • Thom Courcelle

    I'm glad my envelope arrived to you! Thanks for posting! (You take excellent photos!)

  • Vasa Radovanović


  • Vasa Radovanović


  • Laura Chiarello

    Thank you Mikel!

  • Anca Croitoru

    Thanks so much Mikel! I just received your mail art today, made me so so happy!

  • Anca Croitoru

    Your envelope arrived today, thanks so much!Mail art from Mikel

  • Akiko Yada

    Hello. It's amazing mail art.

  • Penelope Timm

    Yes!  Send me your address if you want to receive some of my art.