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I learned art at art schools in the U.S. mostly in San Francisco such as SFAI, and Academy of Art University and also at the College of Santa Fe. I do painting and photography, and I became interested in conceptual, collage, and recycle art. I found this site from redletterday who was my teacher. I am also interested in writing since I was a child.

In 2009, I participated the International Mail Art Exhibition of West Java, Indonesia. In 2011, 2nd Mail Art Exhibition at the same place. I sent my altar box.

mail art is inspired to do my own art works.

I graduated Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA in 2010.
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mailing address: Tomoe Nakamura
2-22-2 Daiho Kanancho
Minamikawachi-gun Osaka 585-0005 Japan

twitter: @artisttomo

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  • Debra Mulnick

    Tomoe, I did receive your very nice mail.  Thank you so much.  You will see me in your mailbox before long.

  • Pierpaolo Limongelli

    Please write to me an email on

    keep in touch

  • jimmyconnors

    hey tomoe, thanks for the very nice letter. luckily it has found the way to my new address which is:

    jimmy connors

    postfach 120236

    10592 berlin