Hand-Carved Rubber Stamps

  • Looking for Hand-carved Stamp Mini Zine Contributors - You Will Get One Copy of the Zine Back

    Hello everyone!I would like to make collaborative hand-carved stamp mini zines - a one-page mini zine made with an A4 sized single paper, folded into 8 panels.Each issue of the one-page mini zine will features 6 different stamp carving artists / contributors, including myself.Would you like to…

    By Kiki

  • Do You Make Hand-Carved Stamps?

    Hello,I am wondering who in this group make hand-carved stamps ?  If you do, I would love to connect with you and would love to exchange each other's works via postal mails. I started making hand-carved stamps in September 2021 and since then I made about over 30 stamps with flat erasers, a design…

    By Kiki