Hand-Carved Rubber Stamps

Do You Make Hand-Carved Stamps?


I am wondering who in this group make hand-carved stamps ?  If you do, I would love to connect with you and would love to exchange each other's works via postal mails. 

I started making hand-carved stamps in September 2021 and since then I made about over 30 stamps with flat erasers, a design knife and chisels.

Please feel free to comment here or message me ! :-)

Here are some of my hand-carved stamp works :

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    Rebekka Schmidt

    Hi Kiki, may I ask: with which tool are you doing the tiny details? And which kind of chisels do you use? Could you indicate the brand or upload a photo? I'm just starting with these:

    thank you in advance and sunny regards :)

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    Coco Muchmore

    I just started carving my own stamps. Happy to exchange postcards! Coco Muchmore, PO Box 373, Perry, KS 66073 USA. Thanks!

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    Lau Wilmet

    Hi everybody,

    I'm carving stamps for years now and used the same tools I used for linocut.

    I used Swiss made Pfeil gouges. These tools are rather expensive (around 25 USD in Belgium), but are really great. You can used those gouges for very small details : you can find a 1 mm V shaped and a 0,5 mm U shaped.

    I carved rubber softcut plates presented as an alternative to real linoleum by the manufacturer Essdee. In real, it is not very pleasant to engrave (not so pleasant than real linoleum), but give good results when printed. 

    See you.