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I noticed in various contributions, that many artists (''artists'' perhaps ?) are using large number of other's people works, taken from newspapers, magazines, books,etc. That could inflict the copyrights. In many cases, nobody will discuss it, and no legal matters will arise. Still, I think it is not artistic to use so many of non-original work/s in your own work. I don't want to point my finger to any particular person, but I am sure it is wrong way to make something ''new'' or ''original''and to call it your own work. It is fine to source inspiration from others, but it is just totally opposite to blatantly take others works and make ''collages'' or whatever one could call such works. I also noticed there is not so much of original works, seems it is just easier to ''cut and paste'' or cut out and stick, than to draw or make your own work with your own hands and brains.

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    Valentine Mark Herman

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      Valentine Mark Herman

      Am I alone in thinking it'srather sad -- if not desperate -- for Pedrag to have to use large bold font and an annoyingly moving logo-thing to get his point across?

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        Predrag Petrovic

        I needed your ''attention '' like chocolate needs garlic.