Even though it makes sense that we can look on each others profiles, you may want to add your address here and any blogs or other accounts you want highlighted. This way it's in a closed environment and we all get to share.

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There is actually a secret post in the drafts Jennie that has all the addresses on it (Thanks Camel for this) but it's not publicly published.


From my point of view I have a few administrative and privacy issues with putting all addresses on the blog

Firstly, from a purely selfish point of view I'd rather that people managed their own addresses of course, so that I don't have to change them when you move etc. I had considered a "Addresses" label and have mentioned on this forum that you can do that if you please, if you tagged your post "Address" and your personal label that would work


Some people don't want their addresses publicly known, but would prefer a sign-up procedure, hence I am more comfortable in here.


In addition, when people sign up at the moment I am getting a few people who are asking if they have to send to MA365 members only! I think that putting our addresses on the blog would prehaps perpetuate this idea. (Don't worry I usually explain that it's a project of encouragement, and this usually sorts it out)


Does all that make sense? Put your addresses wherever you like is what I'm saying, and an @addresses label is perfectly acceptable on the blog. If you choose to do this, please tell me and I'll put an addresses label filter in the sidebar for y'all

Andy -- thanks for the explanation! I absolutely understand: many folks don't want all of their personal info flashing around the web, and who can blame them? It's a weird, scary world out there. And I also understand that the responsibility of managing some sort of "virtual address book" is a big deal (almost like a second or third job!), one that takes time away from creating art. 

All in all, I'm really enjoying MA365 -- each day my PO box is filled with interesting and unusual pieces from all over the world, from folks I might not have "met" otherwise. So many thanks to both you AND Camel: for organizing the project, getting the blog off the ground, and keeping the steady stream of ideas flowing! :-)


My pleasure. Hope that more people add their addresses in here.

ArtyEm/Emily Townsend

11750 Carmel Drive

Lakewood, Colorado 80215  USA


and here's the Goddess mail art blog:  http://goddessy-art.livejournal.com/

and here's my main blog with art journaling, and other mail art randomness:  http://creativeartjournal.blogspot.com/

and the ole website with everything else:  http://www.etstudio.net/


Welcome! I love your creativeartjournal blog. I may spend some time there, but, as you say, it is easy to spend hours on the internet (even inspiring hours). 2011 promises lots of funbumps in the road. (a funbump is like a speed bump, only, instead of reducing your speed, it INCREASED your fun!)


2011 is also a prime number, so it will be a prime year. I just had to share that. Thank you.

Sue (box652.wordpress.com)

Here is my home address that will work for the entire year:

Alexis McAdams

22 W. Harding Rd.

Lombard, IL 60148


But if anyone wants to brighten my day at college, they can send me stuff at this address until the end of May. Then they tape up our little antique post boxes and lock the doors. ;_;

Augustana College Box 1428

639 38th Street

Rock Island, IL 61201


And also, www.twitter.com/serenosaur Thanks!


Julie Bynum

6551 Spencer Parrish Road

Parrish, FL  34219








My address:


Laura Podob

35160 Bunker Hill

Farmington Hills, MI 48331


Mary England

PO Box 354

Linthicum Heights, MD 21090



brittany ukulele

403 cherry street

beech grove, IN 46107





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