I've puzzled over the empty "Badge" on the right side of the pages here for some time.  I played with the idea you "earn" a badge somehow a- a-scouts.  But I suspect it is something else; but what??  An abbreviation for Badgers?  Creams forgotten song? Thanks so much for any enlightenment (or even scorn) you offer.

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Of course, “I got here before you did!”  would have more of a snob appeal. Cloth of gold trimmed with ermine tails would be nice.

I like it. 

I'm a newbie, I know.  Of course that gives me a pass when I make a mistake.  I think my badge should say "I have the most colored pencils, and some are older than your children."

Last night I had a creative brainfever and made a couple of badges.  

... and...??

I sent you one. The colors are a bit twee, might do some others.

there is a badge option at ning. What would be the criteria for earning a badge?

Thanks to Heide, I am now the proud wearer of a Senior Artificer badge! As promised in another of my silly posts, I shall soon post this as my profile picture as well as my “official “badge.

But I have to ask...What privileges come with this rank? Anybody have the “Ask a Silly Question/Get a Silly Answer” section in the There Are No Rules in Mailart book?

I think the next rank of is Doctor of Quackery.

Yeah, you can design that one.  I await with bated breath.

The wheels are turning. 

I received a lovely (and appropriate) badge yesterday from Heide Monster.  "Cubed Flowers" no doubt in recognition to my having alerted the community to the danger from innocent looking flowers whose sun-tracking behaviour is highly suspicious and whose innocent faces hide the truth of the alien conspiracy they are in league with (my random conspiracy theory de jour).




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