When the IUOMA was 20 years, the members managed to send in enough texts for a complete book. With the 25 year celebration, that wasn't that succesful. Too little materials.

Maybe a retry for 2018? Are there some authors amongst you who care to write about the state of the Mail-Art network in the new century

Already 11 articles are submitted and there is room for more.

So the book will be published, with or without you.

I aim at a book of 150-256 pages. Each author will have his short biography included. Deadline for submissions is September 2017, In October the book will be launched.

Some people ask about subjects to write on. Suggestions that are open:

1. Mail-Art in the age of Internet.

2. Is digital work also Mail-Art?

3. History of Mail-Art for someone who enters the network in this decade.

4. Mail-Art catalogues or websites?

5. Male dominance in the Mail-Art network?

6. Postal Tactical Gear: Enduring Political Storm

7. Mail Art Culinary Tips and Beauty Care

8. Non PC Postcards to Share with Friends and Family

9. Adventures of Sharpie: The Story Continues

10. Attention Grabbing Mail

11. Mail-Art on Wikipedia. Is the right story told?

12. What will happen to the Mail-Art Archives that mail-artists have built?

13. How to create a Mail-Art exhibition.

14. Will the new children ever exchange their tablet and smartphone for a postage stamp?

15. Is Mail-Art dead?

16. Mail-Artists working places. Overview based on the group online.

17. Choose your own special topic and/or subject.

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I don't consider myself a write, though I write blog posts and my personal journal entries. I would like to contribute a personal essay about looking for a home for my archives. Would something like that be suitable? Nothing scholarly.  

Hi Mim, yes, that would fit too....

I totally agree with Ruud, good theme, Mim!
It is a question I'm wondering about too. At the moment I am keeping my archieves at home, and happy with it. Once I offered the (internationally orientated) museum in my city to organize an exhibition (for free), alas their agenda was full for years, they told me. Food for thought, regarding the theme, is the question: is it okay to keep mail art archieves in museums?!
The other question I am wondering about is: where to leave my archieves once I am not alive anymore?
(a third question - which I am not 'ripe' for yet - is: should we recycle = use up all received mail art, to re-send it into the eternal network?!)

You see, your words are inspiring :-)
If your essay is into an other direction, I could write an additional essay about the above-mentioned questions.

Klaus Groh in Germany just moved his archive (because he had to move himself to a smaller place). He plans to write an article for the book too about his story. And I know these stories are fascinating (where does the mail-art go to after and what cosideration are there....).

So write this article Mim, will be an interesting thing to read for many!

Hi I don't know why I did not join before. It is a great idea. Will put pen to paper er, keyboard to internet, soon. 

Or has it got to be on paper by snail mail? 

texts in digital form are prefered. The book will be hardcopy though......


what is the title of the book ,when it is gonna be avaliabe and where

it good idea to add  may be at resource link to highlighted digital mail art from the site forum and member 

special art ,special exhibition  or even special member,vetren or awarded person



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