...what do you do with them?

Every now and then a piece of ail art will come back to me with a notation such as Recipient has moved; or No such Address, or like that--it happens to everyone, right?

Well, what do you do with a card that you've sent someone and had it bounce back at you? Do you archive it? Keep it on your refrigerator door? Send it to someone else?

What I have done with the two most recent ones that bounced back was: I redid them slightly on the picture side, just added a little thing or two to make it different, then redid the address side thoroughly so the original non-recipient's not-an-address was covered, and put a fresh stamp on it to mail out to anotgher lucky person.

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I would go to the member's page (if she/he has one) and check if the address has changed. If not, I would do the same as you, I guess.

If Ilya Semenenko-Basin is still collecting for the Museum of Moscow collection, you can send them on to him.

When this happened, I emailed the member to double check the address, which he verified, so the mailman must have made a mistake. I ended up sending that packet to someone else, but then sent the original guy a different packet which reached its destination OK. 

I've only gotten 2 back. I got out my flat white paint and covered the written side and did another collage on it, It will go to someone in the future in a handmade envelope.

Once an envelope was returned though the address was correct. I wrote "this address does exist", sent it again and it was delivered.

I’ve repurposed it into other mail projects or into my journals. 

I've just had an add-and-pass small book returned to me that I'd sent back to the person who started it, to a P.O.Box number address in the USA - the address inside the book. The person I'd received it from didn't have any other address so I then went searching online and found a Facebook account for someone with the same name, in the same town, and messaged them. They'd not used that P.O.Box for 8 years!

Talk about making you realise how long it takes some things to get around?




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