Dear friends, I bought at the auction a pack of old envelopes, with a picture, size 114x161 millimeters (4.5 x 6.3 inches), and I don't know how to use them in Mail Art. Maybe someone wants to receive such an envelope as a gift. In the future, you can make your collage on the reverse side of the envelope, or use it in some other way.

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Hi, If you are still sending out the envelopes, I would be interested in receiving one. 

Great idea! I will prepare a parcel for you.

Yes! They look awesome! Could be great fun to add collage pieces to it. 

Dear Francis, the postal envelopes have long been prepared, but I will send them to you later.

Will letters sent from Moscow reach their destination? Planes from Russia no longer seem to fly to the West, so will postal exchanges continue? There are no answers to these questions right now. Let's wait a little longer.

Hello Ilya,

I would enjoy receiving an envelope such as these. I have been lookin for a few smaller ones to send your way. They will possibly be from the 1940s and 1950s, if I can put my fingers on some that are half way decent. I have many in boxes yet to be unpacked since I finally settled here in 2018!


Ray Haley

Hi Ray, 

I promise to send You some vintage envelopes as soon as I figure out all the circumstances related to the post. I do not know whether planes fly from Moscow to Canada now and whether postal communication between our countries has been preserved. Too many unknowns at the moment! 

I will certainly keep my promise.

I never had a doubt. Thanks. Stay safe. Ray

Hello,  I got the ones you sent me.  Thank you so much.  Georgie

I am very glad that the mail from Moscow to Canada is being delivered. Glad for our exchange!

I have several of these kind of envelopes, called First Day Covers, here in the U.S. I've used them for mailing by adding new postage on them and they seem to get delivered okay. In fact, one year, I did a daily mailing in January using them. 

But the reverse side can be used also. I like the idea of adding collage material.

Hello, Mim. Here is an example of my work on the back of an American First Day Covers.

I sent some old envelopes to Canada.



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