So I made my first "book" recently. Not really sure what to do with it, but it feels like I should move it along. Is anyone interested in trading?

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I want it, though I really owe you a swap first. Would you take a teeth zine, an art zine, a visual poem and an envelope as a swap? Forgive me for bargaining.

What's a teeth zine?? I'd swap a teeth artwork for a teeth zine!?

You can put me in line for the next mail art book,thenks Jon! ;-)

A teeth zine is a zine I made about teeth, it has a collection of quotes, collages, facts and drawings. I've got to do another soon.

Thanks for your interest guys, but I think Taidgh made the first post. I actually did all of the work on this one at work. At home I was doing one as well that's not quite finished but is a lot better. During Christmas break I'm going to make a few smaller ones and send one to Vizma and Cleo.

Lots of work at work, Jon!

These arty books with collage, pasted pages,

take a great deal of time and work.

Very nice indeed...put me on the list, even for a little bitty one :-)

Katerina, I will put you on the list as well. Going to send something to you later in the week. Hope you're doing well.

Your Number One Fan in Sigean would be very greatful if he ever got one of your books someday.





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