I would like to ask whether the mail artists organising a mail art project usually send a reply to the artist who takes part in the project? Is their reply a mail art, a simple e-mail or no reply at all. Is there a documentation? What is your experience so far?

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There are no set rules if you are hosting a mail art call. BUT participants like to have their mail art documented in some way, either in a printed list sent through snail mail, or online. Some organizers set up a blog for documenting incoming mail art sent in answer to the 'call'--but do this in advance and post it in the 'call'. 

Sending mail art in return for what is received is a nice gesture, but if you receive hundreds this can be a real burden. At least post a 'thank you' online here at iuoma for our members. You can ask for an e-mail address from participants, again in advance when you post the 'call'. 

If there is an exhibition, post the announcement postcard or flyer, as part of the online documentation. Some organizers also post photos of the event and the mail art displayed. You can look at the Blog section on Mypage  to see how I documented my 'call' last year. I only had iuoma participants and, therefore, posted entries in My Photos. 

FYI: I tend to be particular, so you don't need to follow my example.

Good Luck!

all you can think of happens in mail-art network. So all possibilities you mentioned I have encountered.....

Thanks for your answers. I reply with original art works so far.

Here is one example!

I had a mailart call with the  theme "numbers" from Nov 2012 to April 2013 ...... I received more than 180 envelopes=30 nationalities !!!!  Then I made 170 paper documents ( 8 pages with colors, printed  2sides) and

sent to each participant ,and free !       Fortunately, as my wife said...I don'tsmoke nor drink !

Another examples ;  I answered to two following  projects called   - "art gothique" in France,and

" heroes never died " in France  ..in the two cases I received a nice paper catalogue ....They were sponsorised by the City Hall...of their town.




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