Hi. I am a mail artist and a Latin American Historian. I am considering a project on Mail Art in Latin America: the evolution, what makes it unique, and how involved the region is in the art form. I have read what is on the web but I would like a perspective from current artists as well. Anyone have any ideas or comments about Mail Art in Latin America they would like to share?


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Hola. Soy un artista electrónico y un historiador latinoamericano. Estoy pensando en un proyecto de arte postal en América Latina: la evolución, lo que lo hace único, y cómo participan la región está en la forma de arte. He leído lo que hay en la web, pero me gustaría una perspectiva de artistas actuales también. Alguien tiene alguna idea o comentario sobre el Arte Correo en Latinoamérica que les gustaría compartir?

Thank you, that was very helpful. I am hoping to present a paper on Mail Art at the Pop Culture Association conference in the Latin American sub-field. There hasn't been much done on Mail Art in the PCA and I thought it would be a good way to bring attention and start a discussion in an academic setting. That, and the fact that I participate in mail art, would seem to make it a much more interesting topic than the dissertation I am soooooo tired of writing. 

Writers, poets, and artists in Latin America cultures seem to experience a higher degree of support from their communities than we do in the USA. That kind of culture has helped with the intermeshing of concrete poetry and mailart and it's blossoming into visual poetry. Mailartist and visual poet Clemente Padin of Montevideo Uruguay is also a great performance artist and a sweet person. Montevideo is a hotbed of creative sound artists/poets such as Juan Angel Italiano and Luis Bravo, who we've had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with. By "we" I mean my poet spouse, John M. Bennett (who has a PHD in Latin Am. Literature & is curator of the Avant Writing Collection at Ohio State Univ main library) and myself, a mailartist and intermedia person, and performance artist.

is a project with great educational value ....

because many people do not know this form of expression!

in my city, an island in the northeast of Brazil I

do not know anyone who knows about mail art

will welcome a project that speaks of progress and how

to promote art post in latin america.




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