Hello mail-art friends,


I'm a teacher in an academy of arts in Belgium (Antwerp) and I'm planning to make with the kids (between 6 and 8 years) postcards to send through the wide world. It's to introduce them into another world of art, a form that isn't very commun for kids if they think about art.

The plan is that they will draw draw on one side on the half of the postcard their home/house/ place where they are living and that they leave the other half blank to let fill it up by another person out of another country, a mail-artist. Anyway, the mail-artist could create a drawing or collage or whatever onto the drawing of the child...and doing the same as the kid did on his card : drawing your place/house. that way the artist and the child will create a little neighbourhood with their two houses...will bring two cultures together on a card...and most of all : this action is something very new for the kids and they will be very surprised to see the result.


Who wants to participate in this? Just leave me a message if you want so.

I'm searching like 40 artists, one for every child.


The most important thing is that you will do something on the card of the kid and that it will come back to the kid. I promise you enough pic's of all the results and lots of feedback!

Would be pleased to hear you!




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You are soooo welcome! And I'm happy I can count you in! Your work is soooo fabulous and I really wanted you to do something for the kids!
Thanks Carolyn!
Kathy, could you please have them address the postcards in a way where we will know what project it is for? I get a LOT of mail art, and don't want to overlook it! Thanks

Laura Thykeson

Hey Laura...you will receive a card with on one side a little house (drawing or collage). In your case I can tell you that the card is made by LYO and you can see the backside down on the pic. The meaning of it is that you will put YOUR house on the blank part of the card...as a neighbour house for that of the kid. Lyo and me are looking forward to your answer on it! Thank you so much Laura! (hope this is what you were asking for!)
Yes, Kathy, that is great! I just wanted to make sure I knew which one it was, since I get so many, and wanted to follow through on your project for the children!

Laura T.
I NEED 8 ARTISTS MORE to send a postcard from a kid. Who wants to join us...?
The frist class of 14 kids sended already their works...my other class counts 27 little artists.

ANYONE MORE...and if you are out of a country we still doesn't have on our list then you are twice as welcome...but in the end anybody is still welcome.
The countries we counted in : USA- Canada -UK - Argentina - Russia - Poland- Italy - France- Sweden- Japan - South Africa -Greece.

Hear you,
Kathy and the kids!
Dear Kathy, If you can't find another 8 people, I'll willingly 'adopt' a second kid artist. Regards, Val
Well, Val, I only had one adress from France for the first group of kids...in the second one there is still nobody...so I guess I'll put you in the second too. It's also that the other group made their houses in 3D on the card, so they are not quite the same...and that is nice for you too!
Thanks for the advice...you are listed for the second time! Thank you so much...and so a french design/house is added to the second group.
How is the south of France in these rumourious days?
Hugs Kathy
Dear Kathy,
If it helps, I could be a 'British mail artist living in France', because I AM a British mail artist living in France!
How is the South of France? Grim, because of the strikes. I live in a little village, so the impact on everyday life is not too bad -- although today there were no international papers, and the petrol stations are running out of fuel. But in the nearest cities -- Narbonne (20 kms) and Perpignan (50 kms) there are mass demonstrations being held today, cars have been set on fire, the High School pupils have joined in the fun and games, and the atmosphere is pretty tense.
And, I fear, this is just the beginning of what could be a long, bloody and difficult struggle.
Viva la revolucion! (But please don't allow it to impact on the postal system, because what will we Mail Artists do then?)
Regards, Val
Kathy...I'm new to mailart, but would love to participate in your project--sounds like FUN!! Hope I'm not too late with my request. ~~Linda
Happy Day Mail
1442 Lodge Road
Callao, VA 22435
Linda...so glad you found my call. You are just in time. Tommorrow every kid of my second class will send their card, so you are IN it!
Your adress...that's USA no?
Yes, Kathy, my address is USA...sorry I didn't include that!
Sorry voor de late reactie Kathy,

Natuurlijk kun je een van de kinderen een kaartje laten sturen, en het komt zeker terug.






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