Hello mail-art friends,


I'm a teacher in an academy of arts in Belgium (Antwerp) and I'm planning to make with the kids (between 6 and 8 years) postcards to send through the wide world. It's to introduce them into another world of art, a form that isn't very commun for kids if they think about art.

The plan is that they will draw draw on one side on the half of the postcard their home/house/ place where they are living and that they leave the other half blank to let fill it up by another person out of another country, a mail-artist. Anyway, the mail-artist could create a drawing or collage or whatever onto the drawing of the child...and doing the same as the kid did on his card : drawing your place/house. that way the artist and the child will create a little neighbourhood with their two houses...will bring two cultures together on a card...and most of all : this action is something very new for the kids and they will be very surprised to see the result.


Who wants to participate in this? Just leave me a message if you want so.

I'm searching like 40 artists, one for every child.


The most important thing is that you will do something on the card of the kid and that it will come back to the kid. I promise you enough pic's of all the results and lots of feedback!

Would be pleased to hear you!




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oooh...Illinois!!!...Thanks Karen! LOVE IT!
Great idea, Kathy,

I'll play mail art with the kids!

eepy Post
Box 41021
Loon Island P.O.
Port Coquitlam, B.C.
V3C 5Z9
Where is Loon Island...woooow...checking my google earth in a while..
hugs Kathy
Founded! Lovely! Close to Vancouver right?
Coquitlam sounds indian...nice.
Glad to have you in this!
Great...Thanks PJ!!!
Hugs out of belgium!
That sounds awesome, I'd love to share something.

jon foster 707 watson ave winston salem nc 27103 usa
ok Jon! I'll count you in!
I will do it! I have 4 kids myself so would be happy to be a part of it.
my adress is
3 seeleys close
hp9 1ta UK
Thank you soooo much Lynne!
You will receive soon something! :)))
I'm so thankfull to everyone who wants to participate. The kids are making their postcard and are very excited too to send them to 'somebody' in the world. Imagine how curious they are...
I have already like 14 lovely people who wants to participate in this. I need still a lot more of interested folks!
Who wants to join us... LAST CALL....and fridayevening the 15th of october I need all the adresses! I'm hoping to get for evey child another destination!...HELP US to spread the art of the kids in the world!

and hugs
Kathy and her 40 kids! :)
Adding my address here too:

Katerina Nikoltsou
Glinou 20 Harilaou
Thessaloniki 54249 GREECE




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