Unexpectedly I recieved a green scapular today. Did more of IUOMA members got one? I noticed that there is a group concerning the green scapular, but there isn't a founder of this group... 

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Hello Carien

i received one also

Mark Rosmiller had them sent to us. 

He is on iuoma and Facebook under

several names. 

I am not Catholic, in fact, I’m areligious. 
ive communicated that to Mark so he won’t 

send other religious items to me. 



i got one too. 

thanks, mim, for letting us know the source.

green IS my favorite color, so i was wondering who here would know that... as with so much else, just coincidence after all. 

it's hard for me to take this kind of stuff seriously, even though i regularly sport a St. Christopher's medallion i got years and years ago at Notre Dame.

i'll stick with the old mantra: Let It Be

i got one too.  strangely it was postmarked from front royal VA, and it arrived one day before i was planning to be in front royal VA for the first time in my life!  ookey spookey.

Interesting. I haven't received one, if I had I would have taken it as any other piece of MailArt but not knowing the sender would have annoyed me.

For future reference, I am a tongue-in-cheek Pagan. I start the day with a sun salutation which doubles as a good stretch, the sight of the moon makes me happy, mainly because it is a rare sight in the usually overcast skies of London and my favourite swear word is 'My stars!' or if very annoyed 'Diablo!'


Hi Carien!

These scapulars are sent out by Mark Rossmiller. His most famous pseudonym is Moan Lisa, but he also has other pseudonyms, which he used to write under on the IUOMA-portal as well.

I have not received this green thing from Mark, but I have a real Carmelite scapularium (it's brown in colour), the initiates in this scapularium adjoin the Carmel Family, the outermost layer of Carmel, so to speak. I wear this scapularium as an objectified prayer, though I don't wear it daily.

Thank you for your personal story, Ilya. Much appreciated.



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