What are your favorite pens to use in mail art?  I have a few good (sort of) ones for my regular-size collage work -- for applying lines, not for actually writing -- but they aren't turning out to be great for mail-art scale.  New ones for writing, asemic writing, drawing, and outlining are needed.  All suggestions welcome.

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Just finished a drawing with my non dominant hand, it was too difficult to do long lines but worked well with note detailed work, you are correct . Using my right hand drawings are just super with these pens. I love using coloured inks in them too.

writing with a 3D pen ia also fun. Instead of ink you can use PLA plastics and draw real objects. Now that is fun....

I'm very partial to ZIG pens! they have lots of different widths that are very prescise. My favorite jack-of-all-trades pen is the 0.8 point pen. 

My current favorite, that I'm giving to all my artsy friends, is the Uniball Signo white pen. Amazing what white lines do over gouache, for example:

I like SANFORD uniball Signo Micros for everyday use, but COPIC Multiliner SPs are great for technical pens with some very fine nibs and the fact that they are cartridge pens that seal well internally, are pretty much pens that can outlive you.

I have Sharpies and Staedtler pens but I like to stamp and type.

these are good....

I like a cheesy, craft type pen called LePen by Marvy. Faber Castells are nice and black. I also like a fountain pen, Harbin, because there are so many ink colors. I did like the Copic Multiliner, but when refilling, there have been problems getting the ink to flow.
Thanks for asking.

Just trying out set of 6 Staedtler Pigment Liners  ($NZD19 )
0.05 / 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.8.
Fine-liners for writing, sketching and drawing.
Long metal tip, ideal for use with rulers and templates.
Can be left uncapped for 18 hours without drying up.
Lightfast and waterproof ink. Erasable when used on tracing paper.
No bleeding when highlighted.

Stabilo liner 308 - black Med

2 Rotring Variant - fillable - had these 25+years




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