Are you working both in Mail-Art and Fluxus? If yes, what is the difference for you when you work in one of the fields

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mail art is " a flowing or flow...a coming in of the tide (of art)...a continuous movement...continual change (as in cycling, recycling)...fusing together (as in soldering)...a flow of energy, liquids over a surface (as in painting) stream out (in-the-mail)..." quote from word "flux" in dictionary, "Latin:fluxus".
But it is also mail art :-)
"a continuous movement"...through the postal service, as it were!
the wish to learn is a good start.
Fluxus and a good definition do not mix.
Most obvious artist I know is Yoko Ono and John Lennon, "bed-in" talking about peace and spend many day in bed in naked. In the high time of Fluxus I leaned about but I am glad to know someone is still doing...

I think it can be small or not too eventful if you think you are involving something.
When I was in SF, I was tired being seen as a tourist. I name it as "I am not a tourist!" project, and I wore kimono, and took pictures with local vendors, musician, cable car driver, etc. And later put all the photo together to show people. This is more personal concept, but it was fun to do.
I went to the school event at San Francisco Art Institute. My interpretation of Fluxus is community and social involvement of art form but not public art but more conceptual. I haven't done much but wanna do more. Maybe some installation or environmental artists do related stuff, but do Fluxus unconsciously? We donated drawing for peace march to the Buddist group in Oregon, but it was unconventional way of exhibition. Our work was printed on Happi Japanese cloth, and some member was wearing when they were walking.

I think mail art is one of Fluxus form because not me physically going there but my letter interact with people in a happy way. It opends interest that I want to visit the places that mails are sent.
Fluxus artists used the mail as a tool to communicate a Fluxus performance idea (A Fluxus Score) to other people (whether those people identified themselves as mailartists or Fluxus artists or neither one didn't matter) so that artists in other locations could perform that Fluxus score. Sometimes a 'Fluxus action' can result in a material 'Fluxus' piece of art, and one might consider the simple act of mailing art (be it a collage, a sound file on a tape or CD, or a performance score or some publication or found objects) through the postal system as a 'Fluxus action'.... particularly if the sender uses a rubberstamp that identifies him or herself with FLUXUS. So it's all in the 'intention' of the sender and perhaps the 'state of mind' of the receiver on the other end who might be influenced by the sender to carry out their own 'fluxus performance' based on the mail received. Today, email and the internet act in the same capacity that snail mail does, and for an even larger community of (E)mailartists because it is FREE. I consider the ART DETOX idea that Vittore Baroni initiated as a fine example of the (E)mailart community taking up Baroni's initiative and having some Fluxus fun by coming up with their individual takes/ creating documentation/ then sharing it.
Yes, Yoko Ono is still active also in music. Last year, she came to Japan, and did music with her son Sean. Sean Lennon has started play music in Tokyo, the group called Chimera. (he means multi culture. In his group there are Japanese and American, and his blood is Japanese and British, yet his is American.) His style is more like late John Lennon, but he let her to play Yoko's performing art like music from 70s but new up beat version. Chimera and Yoko did the national tour (of Japan.) Yoko has been doing charity concert in Japan with other Japanese musicians. on the day when John died. Maybe already for around 10 years or so.

Yes, she is very active in Twitter too. I don't think Japanese people in 70 something doing twitter as much as her here. very active. I follow her and she follow me. Off course a lots of people follow her. Every Friday she takes any questions on twitter and she answers her own artful way.
This is very comprehensive explanation. Thank you Visual Mom.

My question now is how FREE activity can all make profit as mail artists? as some kind of mail art event, or Fluxus performance, or are they any mail artists make a living only by it? Or if fluxus starts making money then becomes changing its concept?

So is this Mail-Art, Fluxus, or just a letter to Yoko Ono?
We also have lulu stores for our publications. For IUOMA it is Not many sales, but still over 100 books were oredered while it is online. The ones who ordered have rare books that are very special. Same goes for Luna Bisonte Prods and lots of more online bookshops. These are the modern times where all is possible if one is willing to to the work and create.
Mailart itself may not to help your income, but I am sure it helps for networking within artists and hobby artist. Good thing is internet does not make you feel actually close to the relationship with people, but just like a feel as fantasy of relationship. But when I am looking at postcards, the members sending to me, I really feel like I connect with people from around the world.




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