UGH! This week the price of postage has risen by almost a dollar to send International post. Until now we've had a $1.70 price for postcards and 'card only' post. That no longer exists. Any mail being sent from AUS internationally will now cost $2.60.


If anyone has any unfranked Aussie stamps that they'd like to send me, it would be most appreciated. (For my stamp collection, of course. )


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Video stamp?? That sounds like fun!! Alas, I only have a Dumbphone, and I ignore it most of the time anyway...

I'll ask about this video thing at Oz Post tomorrow and get back to you Val.

Thanks Vizma. Like you, I suspect, I'm not smart enough to own one of those so-called 'smart phones'.


How I reduced my cost for stamps with 40%; 

at a shop for stamp collectors down town I bought  a hugh lot of small valued stamps from the 1940s and onwards, they are not cancelled and their value remains. For example one stamp has a value of 4 cents, I combine these small value stamps until I get the cost of 2013. Because these stamps are so common no collector values them high and it takes some effort to combine them to the value of sending of an envelope so the price is reduced with 40%!!! For me they are a funny addition and cost reducer. Would it be possible for you guys to get this kind of deal where you live? Maybe there isnt that many shops for vintage stamps on the country but.... internet shopping?

That's a great idea Mr Niklas Eraser!

I wonder how many postal authorities would accept such stamps? (I could forsee problems in the UK, for example, where the unit of curreny was changed circa 1970 from pounds, shillings and pence to the present system.)

But I couldn't do it, because I save stamps and if they are old and unused (especially after 70-odd years) they deserve to be looked after.

If you can find any old €500 bank notes going cheap in Sweden, please get some for me -- I'm willing to pay, oh, €1.50 for  each one.

Bon weekend, Val

Thats a shame, let history be revived! ;) I see your point, but we are flooding in old stamps here.... We can go back as long as 1858 when the new currency system with kronor and öre was introduced, but I also have my limits how to treath history

It is a puzzling exp....

I used the old vintage stamps here in the USA too.....same thing...they are still good and collectors don;t want them (but I do)

Talking to stamp dealers they do get in a lot of collections and often they just want a small part of them so the rest is for sale, like booklets etc. Collecting stamps is not what most of kids today do so the prices are good. Lets say its always gonna be vintage stamps for us to buy... :)

I hope so too!

Those envelopes are great! Real works of (stamp) art.

What is 'Vive La Poste!' in Swedis?

Länge Leve Posten!

...long live the posten, that is. "Leve Posten!" is more correct. Thanks, but where to put everything else now on the envelopes frontside? Artistamps and rubberstamps etc... :)

Thanks. Leve Eraser Head, too.

It's a nice problem to have. Use the other side of the envelope, perhaps? Or just leave them like they are?

Bon weekend. Val




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