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At 7:52pm on March 23, 2023, Ana Kawajiri said…
At 4:20pm on December 9, 2022, Charlotte Geister said…

Dear Kathy, Surprise, surprise! Yesterday I got your incredible fat pink envelope containing 2 brilliant ladies (one has been a lady!) of your unbelievable creative hands!! Thanks so much, and thanks for telling the story of your cat Nora with the broken leg! I hope she is better now and can walk and run again. I am just organizing my new studio beneath the roof and have pinned the amazing Halloween lady at the door. It's always so inspiring to get mail from you, dear Kathy! I have sent a Christmas Card and hope that it will arrive in time.

Have a real good time and a happy feast with a fit cat! Fat hugs and smiles Charlotte

At 4:29pm on April 25, 2022, Charlotte Geister said…

hallo Kathy, Yesterday your wonderful little boys-band arrived! I love their delicate movable legs and they are playing a nice tune in front of my desk! THANKS A LOT!!!

I will make a card for your as soon as I am back from Frankfurt visiting my granddaughter there for about one week! So fat hugs and best wishes from Göttingen! Charlotte

At 3:38pm on February 28, 2022, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Kathy, thanks so much for your four delicate beauties with their wonderful hats! Really great! At the moment they are enlivening our breakfast table! Now look out, yesterday I gave a card for you into the mail box and I hope that it will not take too long to arrive at your home. Weather is getting better, but the reality of a war, taking place in front of our doorstep is absolutely frightful an not to understand.

Wish you all the best! Stay healthy and creative!


At 8:53am on December 31, 2021, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Kathy! Yesterday your wonderful snow man with butterfly wings arrived! So inspiring and very fitting, because at the moment it is much too warm, about 10-12 degree, and no snow is to be seen! At the moment the covid situation is about to get worse and I will be vaccinated for the third time in a week. So I hope that then I am fit for the New Year! I will send you something soon if I am not too sick after the vaccination. So I wish you a real fine happy New Year and I look forward to exchange more Mail art with you! You're a real artist! Fat hugs


At 5:29pm on September 12, 2021, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Kathy; I fell in love with your photographer cat immediately, when it arrived yesterday ! And the other 4 smaller manipulated photos are so cool too! specially the two women, one with the plate of eggs on the head and the other wearing a lot of lizards instead of hair, really stunning! The photographer cat will get a fine place on the kitchen wall (my wall of fame!) beside the catapus. School has started again and everyone must test himself three times a week to make sure he is alright. But otherwise the situation is getting easier: days have been warm still, so everyone is sitting outside drinking coffee or having lunch. And the shopping is easier too; I hope the situation will stay like this! Pay attention, dear Kathy, and stay well and healthy! I will take part at an art fairy in two weeks, but afterwards I will send you something fine! Best wishes and a lot of hugs! Cuddle the cosy cat! charlotte

At 4:06pm on May 30, 2021, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Kathy, now your fantastic fish heads have arrived and felt completely enthusiastic! All the different and so specialised feet! I just had do stop and think whose feet you have adopted for you artwork! I love every inch of it!

Everywhere it is getting better with Covid-19 in Germany, and so I could hug my best friend for the first time since a real long time! And bistros and restaurants are allowed to open outdoors. That is really fine, even if the weather is the most ghastly for weeks: much too cold with a lot of rain, no strawberries yet!

I will send you something fine soon, dear Kathy! lots of hugs, for the cat too!


At 5:36pm on March 31, 2021, emily louise said…

Love your the envelope and mermaid "riding koi"!   I love the cleverness of your creations.  Weirdly, I also got the envelope I sent you awhile back sent back to me because part of your address had fallen off so they couldn't deliver it.  So I put that back in the mail to you today and will work on getting you something in response to your latest....hope it gets to you this time!

At 5:35pm on March 4, 2021, Charlotte Geister said…

Dear Kathy! Now your wonderful Koi riding young boy on the envelope, taking care of the Koi riding young woman in the bathing suit have arrived and made me completely happy! So cunning that you can even move her foot and head, so that she  can behave really like a modern mermaid! Absolute fantastic, I did hardly dare to open the fascinating envelope.  I will think a fine reply and will send you a mail art as soon as possible. At the moment I am just finishing a little jacket for my new granddaughter but then I will set to work immediately! Pay attention and stay healthy! All kind of fat hugs from a grey Germany 


At 4:20pm on January 8, 2021, Charlotte Geister said…

Hello  Kathy, I wish you a happy New Year and I am very happy too, because your two boys arrived, one holding a butterfly the other the red bug! I love them! And this time it is really special, because my son studied biology and is a specialist for butterflies! So the two have joined my collection in front of my desk so that I can have a look at them at each time! Be careful and stay healthy! Warm hugs


At 10:23pm on December 26, 2020, emily louise said…

finally---mail art is in the mail on its way to you!

At 3:14pm on November 12, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Kathy, When I opened the mail box yesterday your wonderful black cat envelope just met my eyes! So amazing with a black cat looking out of the dark and then your wonderful antique Halloween portrait in it! Thanks sooo much! Your mail is always so much fun and fantasy! here the November is still friendly and not too cold, so that the tomatoes are still on the balcony and get some sun. I hope you and your beautiful cat are quite well and enjoy cosy evenings!  Best wishes and I will make something for you soon! Hugs and smiles


At 3:04am on October 26, 2020, Amy Kiessling said…

Thanks Kathy!  Looking forward to seeing you in the mail. 

At 5:20pm on September 10, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Kathy, your wonderful ladies in the frame with the great umbrella arrived yesterday! So I hurried and now have finished a card that will come in an envelope because of the silk fabric I used. I hope it does not take too long. The US Mail is not quite safe at the moment, I think. Jack of Cascadia artpost got a card, that I have sent in March just last week!  So warm hugs and best wishes from Germany


At 8:30am on June 24, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Dear Kathy, your Lady with the special hungry pot plant arrived! So delicate with all these open mouths! Your creations are a real miracle! At the moment I am experimenting with a new kind of monotype and so I will send you an example soon!

I hope you are quite well and healthy! Enjoy your garden and do not dig so much!

Hugs Charlotte

At 5:04pm on April 23, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Kathy, I had just put a card in the post office for Missouri, when I discovered a new envelope with 4 bathing beauties in my mail-box! Incredible wonderful! Immediately I had to think at the film with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell where they wear these sexy bathing suits! Thanks so much! Your fantasy is so fascinating, I love it!!!

At the moment I am sewing face masks on end, but I will think about something for you! Stay healthy and creative! And 1000 Thanks (I am always thrilled like a school girl when I discover an envelope of yours in the mail-box) Fat hugs


At 11:37am on April 17, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Dear Kathy, today your magnificent fat little boy with his monkey friends arrived! Your movable mail art is always such fun and joy to me, these small monkeys and the unfriendly looking boy with his claws is such a fantastic combination! Thanks very very much! And you will not believe it, but my brother and I had just such a monkey, that you could pull up with a key and then it jumped to and fro and clapped his instrument. When I opened the envelope and took a look I remembered our old monkey for the first time after long years! So thank you again. I hope you are quite well. Here the weather is wonderful, but much too dry. We have a blue sky since 2-3 weeks and warm temperatures and you can look and see the trees blooming and growing. At monday my husband has to start teaching with half of the class and the the higher classes, that will pass an exam in the summer. It is all rather difficult to manage with this distance problems.

Take care of your self and have some fun! I will send something soon!

Best wishes and hugs


At 11:38am on April 5, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi Kathy, Thanks for your news! here in the middle of Germany is everything much quieter. We live near the city and there was always a lot of talking and singing from people coming home from the pubs. Now the nights are really silent and I can sleep very well! my husband war working with his pupils via internet but it was rather special for him because you cannot reach the boys and girls directly and you must have quite a lot of material to present. I am happy that I just not cope with these challenge anymore! But I had to cancel my painting course and so there is a hole in my bag.Stay safe and pay attention! Hugs and smiles


At 3:48pm on March 23, 2020, Bruno Cassaglia - mailartist said…
Dear friend, even here where I live in Liguria (ITALY), it's all a desert! W IUOMA will pass first!

Cara Amica, anche qui dove vivo io in Liguria (ITALIA), è tutto un deserto! passerà prima  W IUOMA!

At 10:48am on March 11, 2020, Charlotte Geister said…

Dear Kathy, thanks so much for your magnificent dancing robot! I am really a fan of your interactive mailart! He will join the lady with the snake, that is hanging in front of my desk! And don't harm yourself in the garden! Sometimes I am quite sad, that we have only a small balcony that is the home for a dozen tomato plants, but when I am thinking about it, it is just enough! I have printed and experimented quite a lot the last days, so I will look for some thing nice to send to you! You are really one of the best! Stay creative and don't get sick! Many, many hugs 



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