TrashPo-Litically Correct by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)


DK - 12.31.2015 - 1

Mail art by IUOMA member Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

December 31, 2015 - I am surprised how often aspiring trashpoets ask: “Yes, but is it Trashpo?” They are unsure if their fledgling efforts fit the Trashpo definition. They must believe a set of rules exists somewhere and imagine there is a “correct” Trashpo practice. This is surprising, given that Trashpo – by design – is meant to be something anyone can do with minimal effort and thought. Given its intended simplicity, it is also surprising how intense, sometimes rancorous, discussions occur online about what Trashpo is and what it is not.

I have written numerous pieces about Trashpo, and they do not seem to have clarified or explained anything. So rather than add many more words, I will take this opportunity to show all the components of a mailing by Diane Keys, one of the great, acknowledged masters of Trashpo. Perhaps this can serve as a model for newer trashpoets who are still unsure of themselves.

DK - 12.31.2015 - 2

Of course, some pitfalls come with this approach. Just because Diane Keys created it, does that automatically make the work Trashpo? The answer is: “No.” Diane Keys creates art that is not Trashpo; however, I believe this mailing is an intentional example of her approach to Trashpo. Does this mean that Diane Keys’ approach to Trashpo is the only “Korrect” approach to Trashpo? The answer, again, is: “No.” Trashpoets have developed distinctive styles. The work of others should be considered as well. I would suggest Richard Canard, Mail Art Martha, Cleo, Rebecca Guyver, David Stafford, Wendy Rodgers, Dan Mouer, Jim Leftwich, Torma Cauli, among many others. Art is successfully taught using imitation, and “Imitation DK” can be an appropriate starting point.

At the heart of the mailing is an ephemera collection, a Trashpo staple. Collecting found material is, undeniably, at the core of Trashpo as is the idea of recycling:

DK - 12.31.2015 - 3

Reverse sides:

DK - 12.31.2015 - 4

The underlying concept of the mailing is, unfortunately, the failure of DKULTNY to properly honor DK’s birthday, which – if the full story can be told – involves me from being unfairly banned from involvement in a holiday gift exchange. This is the kind of issue that gets Trashpo labeled as “fluff” and not “serious.”

DK - 12.31.2015 - 5

DK - 12.31.2015 - 7

DK - 12.31.2015 - 6

Despite the problematic concept, many thanks to Diane Keys for sending this exemplary Trashpo!

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Comment by De Villo Sloan on January 1, 2016 at 10:28pm

Exactly, res. Thank you for being one of the few that has some sympathy for me rather than the Gynarchy & NLB (who are behind this too). The dismantling of DKULTNY by those jackals was another grave affront.

I am going to propose on FB that they not be allowed to do all this voodoo spell stuff on people.

Comment by De Villo Sloan on December 31, 2015 at 10:58pm

Thank you for trying to "think through" it, Richard. They do argue about Trashpo on FB. IUOMA-Ning is more congenial.

I can understand, Richard, why you are, as they say, always "looking over your shoulder" when it concerns Trashpo. You are frequently named as one of the founders! Well, I am now beginning to suspect the Elgin Mafia (like the Memphis Mafia of Elvis) attached themselves to you more because you are a "name" than because you were the first person to mail a flattened squirrel or something. Rain Rein wanted nothing to do with the animal carcasses, if you will recall.

Like all things with Trashpo, the real story behind the mailing is extraordinarily convoluted and seemingly trivial.

DK and her gang, a self-proclaimed "Matriarchy," roughed me up saying I was trying to scam free gifts in a ridiculous holiday gift exchange that they did in 2014 and I innocently joined. Then I KNOW they put a voodoo spell on my car resulting in the need for expensive repairs. Then in 2015 I am BANNED from the gift exchange. One of DK's hoodlum "wives" mails me an envelope of shrapnel and broken glass, damaging my hand permanently.

DK is trying to weasel an expensive birthday gift out of me as atonement for a crime I did not commit.

So if they all descend on you at your exhibition in SC, I feel sorry for you.

Comment by Richard Canard on December 31, 2015 at 4:27pm

#1.12.15  Dare De Villo S., ... da las daye uh da yeer bu cirteenlee nuh da lease... as would be expected & not unlike those monumental  & long awaited Holiday Greetings from Buckingham Palace & the Vatican  our  Ms. Keys of DKULT does not this: I think that I can ("simplethltetically speaklin") imagine why you, Mister De Villo Sloan continue to be so confused concerning all this "Trashpo" business. You seem to appreciate & understand far more & better than any of the rest of us but despite your insight & thoughtful considerations...  I mean, in the end--  What are we really talking about here???? (.....Trash?). Once again, Our Lady of Elgin offers  a simple device for Clarity: I refer  to the introduction that you have so considerately posted here featuring the new rubberstamp: the Diane Keys" Found Object" Seal of "date & location". So simple & pure genius. I just know that that this is the gizmo that is gonna change my life & alas help me finally to keep all of this stuff straight. All best to you & fellow DKULT members. Richard Canard


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