RCBz, Brooke, Carina, Stripy G, Claire, please report at once to the Starwars Lounge.

Yes, loofahs can kill if they are properly loaded. That sound advice came to mind when I opened RCBz's joint homage to Malevich and Mike Kelley. (I just threw in Mike's name but it could be....you never know). By the way, these wonderfully creepy cozy creatures are now available on RCBz's Etsy site while supplies last. Take it from me, they go with any decor and can really make a dull selfie come alive! Thank you, RCBz. (Some lies have been told to improve the narrative arc).

Brooke's fun pop collage (which looks more like the beach than mars to me) came with an ensemble of graphics from her neck o' the woods. She leads a very fast life apparently. Thank you, Brooke.

Carina sent me complete instructions...finally! Of course, some assembly is required as always, a needle, some thread (provided) and some imagination (provided by customer)...and voila! For those of you who cannot read Finnish allow me to freely translate: "Place Part A into flap B taking care not to (unknown word) all over the place. Find pieces 998, 28a and 31c™ and collapse along lines provided." It goes on like that. The Finnished product is actually a lifeisize desk jockey that sits in an adjacent cubicle providing comfort to shut-ins. On the back side....a small homage to Giuseppe Arcimboldo Also provided is an engraving of the original radish with whom, it is rumored, he had an affair with. I don't judge. I don't know if this is a good place to put in a plug for myself but I do a little sculpting on the side and well....here's my quite humble homage to Arcimboldo. Just made from things found around the house.

(Some lies have been told to improve the narrative arc.)

A simple and elegant line drawing from Stripy Goose with a sentiment I would like to be believe in but I'll have to put it through a battery of scientific tests first. SG, I will report back with the unvarnished truth: Does MailArt eliminate grumpy thoughts? Or is it only good for keeping the postal workers amused and sane? (That's worth a lot, these days.) Thank you, SG

Finally, Claire Dinsmore has come out of hiding which is a good thing. I received this package of appealing vintage materials that I finally figured out is a change of address notification. (I'm no slouch when it comes to this sort of sleuthing.) I also went to Claire's website which is quite different in tone. I recommend the experience. Thank you, Claire and all. And no thanksgiving eve blogpost would be complete without remembering Ken.

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Comment by David Stafford on November 26, 2015 at 5:57pm

It is Winter....In fact, all four of Arcimboldo's seasons our on view at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City.

Comment by Carina on November 26, 2015 at 11:25am

That sculpture!! Looks like "Winter". A lovely gesture and photo. When you start sewing remember to mirror the part 5b (according to the Young Burda), and you get an excellent pocket bag (taskupussi). I wish you a happy Thanksgiving! A toast to Ken. Love that little Beluga whale face.



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