Pick-up day: Haptic Werewolf package at the Greek post office :-) Part 1...Wrappings

Oh, Erni!!!Oh, Erni!!

The postal clerks were waiting for me, didn't even have to show the notice paper:

just gemme the "smiling Doggie" (really a Werewolf, but who's counting?)

Good size parcel, not too heavy but well stuffed with goodies, that's for sure!"FEED ART to the WORLD"!

Wonderful exterior art/commentary...the postal clerks love it! (Is that what Mr. Erni looks like?, they ask)

(One of these times, I'll have to bring a sharp weapon to the post office and

open a Werewolf parcel for them to see the contents...whata ya think?)

Always fun to walk home and inspect the many sides of an Erni package :-) Those are the BIG4 heroes!

Once back at the homestead, it is "knife" time! Although I prefer the "exacto" blade, for exact slicing:

That way I have the "whole picture" spread out of the outer wrapping...always  a work of unique mail art:


Careful! Beautiful light BLUE and silver wrapping for inner package:

Oops.  I did slice up a side before realizing that the inner wrapping is a fantastic poster!

(taped up my slicing) I like this very, very much, Erni! It is an urban exploration discovery off a wall?

Then that wrapping off, there is a elegant box with  SuperErni on top to save-the-day! Yay!

"The Bar Khang Mystery Box"

And i suppose you want me to reveal what is inside?


Shredded papers, yep,

and other important "contents"...on the next blog, please :-)

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on February 27, 2013 at 8:32am

Nothing goes in the garbage been, Erni :-) Yhank you for ALL you sent xxx

One of these times I will try opening a package from the Haptic Werewolf at the post office...one day when it isn't crowded with grumpy people waiting in line :-)



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