Pick-up day: Haptic Werewolf package at the Greek post office :-) Part 2...Contents

Where were we? Oh, yes, shredded wheat, er, I mean stuffings...

So opening the Haptic Erni box and there is amazing art on the inside of the box top:

Very rich, and hot RED! 'Love it :-) The "eyes" have it! Wow!

Removing ALL the shredded-soon-to-be-used-for-mail-art papers...

More wrapping!!!

There are SEVEN (7) wrapped "gifts " inside. 

 7 Deadly Sins?/  7 Heavenly Virtues? / Hmm, 7 for each decade of my 7 OH? (okay, I'll accept that)

And I imagine you would like to see each and every packet unwrapped?

First one:

Winter and strnge things inside...what are they? Self-sticky on one side...and soft and cushiony on other side:

Second one:

Feed Art to the World and LOVE and chocolate...and tissues in case this gets too emotional!

LOVE the LOVE! And the choco guys (danke!)...from Hamburg:

Third one:

No mystery here...we all know what is inside:

Kurt's butterkeks! YAY! Feed Art to Kate :-) Yummy...yummmy...yummy!

Fourth one:

Just a little one, but very special contents in a ciggie box 

(in Russian? Bulgaria? not Greek..."Smoking can KILL")

Erni does NOT smoke...me either...but we find these during urban explorations:

Inside: 6 wooden sticks! And i so know what I shall make with them :-)

Fifth and Sixth:

A jar and a wonderful HAMBURG mug! Whahoooo! 'Love-the-mug!

But "what" is in that jar/ Fuzzy? furry/ dead rat perhaps?

Oh, Erni!

A Lil' Bear from Baer! Awww..with magnets, goes on the fridge! He's all HEART xxx

with magnet mail art from Judy Staroscik:

Oops, a little yellow EGG too...

inside that, a little bottle cap:

inside that:

Hi Erni! xxx

Seventh Wonder of the Erni World: (see blog Part 3 :-)

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on February 27, 2013 at 7:35am

Great! I knew that those self-stickers are for the bottom of chair and furniture legs...so they "glide" without making noise on the floor and upset my neighbors who live below :-)

They will make great additions to mail art!

'Love the wooden "ciggies" xxx


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