In a plastic bag , of course (40x30cm size)...LaPost stamped it 5-12-2016:

so did the Unofficial, Unlicensed, Unauthorized Mail Artist, In Seine:wow!

It is from the Artist in Seine,#1246,  who failed to close it securely,

and a few strips of washi tape does not do it...

The notice arrived in my mail box Jan 31, but I picked it up at the post office Feb.1....after 2 months :-)

A very nice "Paris" cover on the box:

But slipping out from the openings around the edges were "caps"

plastic bottle caps...

Lots of ....plastic "caps", bottle caps, came unglued, fell out, some stuck

but after 2 months (give La Poste credit for delivering no matter what )

the "cap mosaic" looks like:


and there is an upper section too, on the top cover:

"floating things"...maybe sliced wooden stick that had a hole in it?

Makes a very nice addition to the sea coast scenes:

real wood strung across:

Me thinks many, many hours of work to create this amazing "box"!

(did I ever mention that my doctoral dissertation was on...MOSAICS?) :-)

Thank you muchly, muchly, InSeine!

and may we never doubt it: mail art will be delivered...(eventually! )

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on March 1, 2017 at 12:48pm

Something from Cuba? Olalala! Ole!

We will be may take until Easter...or maybe the summer?

But we have no doubts of the work of HELLenic Post...they do deliver :-)

Comment by Dean aka Artist in Seine on February 28, 2017 at 4:15pm

Amazing!  It did arrive in the end.  Really happy things are getting to you.  Now let's just hold our breath for the one from Cuba.

Thank you for the over the top blog.  Great photos.  Now back to repairing it!



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