DKult Doodle Therapy TLP #8 by Rebecca Guyver (UK), Carina Granlund (Finland), Vizma Bruns (Australia), Amy Irwen (USA) + More!

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 1

Cover of DKult Doodle Therapy TLP #8, Before the Sunset Fades, compiled by IUOMA member Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

February 21, 2016 - The new DKult Doodle Therapy TLP #8 has already been documented elsewhere. However, I am a huge fan of this publication and want to have my own record, which of course is always available to friends. For those who have not seen it yet, here are scans of the entire issue. (Click images to enlarge.)

Before the Sunset Fades is highly collaborative and features an all-star assembly of trashpoets as well as a few “Normals.” Rebecca Guyver coordinates, produces and contributes to the issues. The rest of the contributors to issue #8 are Vizma Bruns (Australia), Carina Granlund (Finland), Amy Irwen (USA), Figgy Guyver (UK), Cecil Beaton (UK) (appropriated material), and Annabel Ridley (UK).

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 2

Rebecca Guyver did a very nice credits page, which I think was a good idea. Here is a closer look:

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 3

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 4

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 5

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 6

I finally have my own copy of the “DKult Museum” piece.

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 7

A close-up of a page I like especially:

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 8

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 9

Back cover of Before the Sunset Fades (DKult Doodle Therapy TLP #8)

Always self-effacing, Rebecca Guyver included a postcard with a self-critique:

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 10

A wonderful bonus on the reverse side:

Rebecca - 2.21.2016 - 11

I do not understand Rebecca’s disappointment. I believe TLP #8 is a huge success. Deepest thanks for sending a copy!

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Comment by Rebecca Guyver on February 22, 2016 at 6:23pm

Thanks for you comprehensive and enthusiastic blog, DVS! The 'don't ask me' was, I think, about the doodle postcard.  When I am travelling on trains i seem to make doodle postcards.  Then they hang around because I can't imagine who would want them.  They are so random and take on lives of their own.  People sitting next to me must think I'm crazy with my squeeze bottle of water, my watercolour paints and the bizarre stories that appear. I think I decided you might like a badger because of your mink relations. Maybe the middle guy is Jeremy Corbyn, who you may not even have heard about? 



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