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More doodles for the FB "Daily Doodle" group.  I keep forgetting to do this but managed these recently.  Never been a great one for keeping a sketchbook going - they usually fizzle out after the first few pages.  Diaries were the same.  I did holiday diaries which are nice to look back on but otherwise I have to rely on old letters that I never sent or ones…


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Runny Soopspoon

I had this weird dream about making a comic called "Runny Soopspoon"  recently and decided to actually use it as a jumping off point for a new collage 'zine.  I started a couple of folded A4  pages and sent them off to a couple of my regular  correspondents - Roger Radio and Ron Monocassette.  Ron sent his contribution back ( see below some sample pages )  and hopefully Roger will do likewise.  I will then add some more and recycle in some way.  Not really decided yet.…


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Keeping Up The Appearances

On the small rain swept soggy Island the locals all huddled together under the upturned boat and off they squelched to the nearest seaside tavern.  Squwlch squelch!  The distant waves crashed upon the shingle beach and the sea slugs and sea squirts dived for cover for fear of being trodden on as nobody knew which was to go or indeed could see anything except the inky blackness of the neck in front.  Social distancing was non-existent but luckily the Islanders were all immune from the…


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New 'zine hot of the press.  10 copies. Very limited ed.  Please dont ask for one as they have all gone and I won't be printing any more.…


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More Doddles from the Doodle Factory

I haven't felt much like using my sketchbook lately but now and again I get the urge to add something  some nonsense that doesn't really mean anything but seems appropriate for some reason.  Not sure why this image of Lon Chaney as Frankenstein's monster seems pertinent but here it is .  Tommy's Mum woud approve I'm sure.…


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Re-hanging Landing Gallery

After clearing out the coal shed to put up some shelves we found some of my old paintings from the 70's.  Decided to hang a couple in the house as we were in the process of re-hanging some old work and new stuff recently aquired like the Magda Archer print and the Beth Barlow landscape.  It made a nice change and made us realise what a lot of nice art by talented friends we have. …


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Anniversary and Envelopes

Hazel and I met in the mail before we met in person so envelopes are quite important to us of course.  We have been together 37 years but only got married 6 years ago on 27th July which is also Hazel's birthday, so always a double celebration. …


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Saturday July 18th 2020

Quick ramble round the local park this morning waiting for Hazel to do some shopping in the local Co-op.  Saw this lighthouse cut out on top of a pile of debris in junkyard/fence emporium.  I forgot my camera hence the attempt in Paint 3-D which I havent used before.  It's very similar to the old Paint app but has 3-D option which I don't quite get yet?   Anybody else tried this app?   I've just updated to Windows 10 so it's all new to me.…


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Student Mail Art project

This is very short notice so UK mailers ideal for this. Send me your postal address and I will pass to Tom.

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My Dahlia's Have Changed Colour

Classic line from Gardener's Question Time.  I can't stand it but Hazel is the green fingered one ad she insists on listening.  I might go and stick some little people onto these grommets.

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100th day of Self Isolation

Quite a thing this sneaky bug that hides inside people who show no symptoms.  Easing of lockdowqn here in the UK but not so sure this is a good idea with medical experts predicting another spike in the Winter.  Still over a 100 people dying every day although the numbers are becoming less every day.  I am still not going into shops. The only place I go into is the pharmacy for my medication - once a month.  They have a one in one out policy which suits me. Usually when I go I'm the only one…


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Saturday 30th June 2020

"Road To Nowhere"  Collage for latest theme of "Comings And Goings" at the communal collage blog KOLLAGE KIT. ( join today!)

The road today is an early wander down the road to the River Dane and the new fishing pond we found that has ducklings and baby coots.

We went the other day and it was wonderfully quiet except for the…


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More Of The Same

  1. Funny how each day feels like a Sunday - except Sunday that feels more like a Monday?  Have been working on some new papier mache things. Can you guess what they might become?  …

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Self Isolation - Day 44

As you can see - reached Day 44 of Self Isolating and still very much enjoying the chance to do different things like this papier mache and junk dog. It's the 6th creation from household recycled packets and containers - other objects being diverse as a robot, a ray gun, a boat, Noah's Ark and an elephant head.  At present working on another elephant head as…


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Self Isolation

During this awful Coronavirus  pandemic I will be self isolating as I am over 70.  Might pop out for a walk ocassionally if I go stir crazy and need to stretch my legs!   I'll have to run up and down the stairs a few times daily to keep up with my exercises.  The Daily Doodle on FB will help me keep "my eye in".  I expect to be doing lots more collaging and…


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PV went well on Thursday night. Quite a few people - more than expected considering it was a Thursday and very wet.  Some folks came as far afield as London, Fife and Cardiff. One old Southend Art School chum I hadn't seen for over 50 years turned up, so that was nice.  Lots to catch up with, although a PV is not the best place to do that as you are mingling all the time and stressed about the speeches and the poem I had to read for National Poetry Day ( written especially by Roger "Radio"…


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Yes, the install is going well. Posters and large decal printed - the window in library looks good. As does the cabinets although some are rather tall and not really suited to small flat works. 

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Bloggy bloggy

Not sure why they have a blog post here?  I guess you can write what you want. Any gibberish will do. Duffle coats through the mail?  Yes, I have never tried  I must confess. Wearing them seemed much preferable. I have worn many over the years. A green one, a beige one with wooden toggles, and the black one I have now which is a bit worse for wear - fraying at the cuffs. I need to look out for a new one. Maybe treat myself this Autumn. 

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Special Collections. MMU   October 2019.  A.1. Waste Paper Co. Ltd.  Mail art archive of Michael Leigh and Hazel Jones. 1970's to present day. A glimpse into the world of postal art. More news as it emerges.

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Jeremy Cooper’s




4th March to 26th April 2014

6, Kelly Street, Kentish Town, London NW1 8PH

Monday to…


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