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Beautiful Creation from M.Nidham

Thank you to M.Nidham for a wonderfully unique and beautiful work of art we received in the mail over 3 months ago! Your works are very beautiful and your technique is quite impressive. We're thrilled to have a new IUOMA friend to send things to in the post.…


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It's Been a Long Time..

Hello IUOMA Family! I apologize I've not mailed out any new art in quite some time. I'm hoping to post photos of some new things soon and hopefully get some in the mail to those I owe artwork! Thank you to those  folks that have been kind enough to mail some of their artwork to us in the past few weeks, I will post photos and thank you soon...

See you in the mail soon!

Sarah & Nick

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NEWLY RELEASED album "Maritime Forest"

Check out AEOCHOLAS / "Maritime Forest" Album

I did the artwork and…


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Susan McAllister's fiber art..

Thank you Susan for the beautiful fiber card - we love it! I apologize it's taken us to long to post and send any feedback. the card is so great, and it will be a great addition to our IUOMA collection of mail art. Hope to get something in the mail to you in the coming weeks. Thanks again and keep up the great work in…


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A Bright Smile from France!

A wonderfully creative Christmas wish from Dean Marks. We loved your work(s) of toothpaste art. Thank you and hope you have a terrific 2012. 

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Svenja Wahl nostalgic photography mail art

LOVE the new piece received from Svenja Wahl this week. I have always loved her creations, and the incorporation of old photographs. What a nostalgic piece, does this photo have any significance to you or Germany? We love it and appreciate all of your mail art - so great to be IUOMA friends, and keep up the fantastic work.

Sarah & Nick "BarnArt" in…


Added by BarnArt on December 2, 2011 at 7:53pm — 5 Comments

Nancy Bell Scott book cover creations

LOVE the book cover mail art coming from Nancy Bell Scott lately. At first I thought that it was something she had created by hand from blue denim, but upon a closer look, and a smell, I could tell that she had truly re-purposed an antique book. What a fantastic idea...and a great addition to my IUOMA mail art collection. Keep up the creative…


Added by BarnArt on November 28, 2011 at 8:00pm — 4 Comments

Cheryl Penn sends out more amazing creations!

We received this great piece from Cheryl Penn this past week. The colors are fantastic fall colors, depicting a vessel pained in a rust. Love it and love her work. Thank you Cheryl. Keep sending from South Africa, and we will be sending you something in return! 

BarnArt Sarah &…


Added by BarnArt on November 28, 2011 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

Karin Greenwood strikes again with impressive style!

Another wonderful piece from Karin Greenwood in South Africa. There was a poem on the back also,

Blue Bird

I see a little bird,

My mind in turmoil,

Is the bird injured,

Do I let it go, or do I wait?

Is it just…


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Fall Creations from Katerina

An amazing piece of mail art from Katerina in Greece! Yes, that is shredded US dollars. Love it and thanks for the well wishes. 

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Great stuff coming from Human Artist Vending Machine LTD

Human Artist Vending Machine LTD sent us a great package of art this week. We loved every piece and it was co great to see your technique in person. Thanks again and see you in the mail very soon friend. 

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More great work from arttower!

Thank you arttower for your envelope full of goodies we received this past week. It was a treat to open and we really enjoy your work. Such fun. Thanks again and see you in the mail! 

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More fantastic photography from Rose Becard this week!

BarnArt received another great photography piece from Rose Becard this week. Thank for sharing your hard work in the darkroom. I love to take photos and am working to include more of them in my work! Thanks again and see you in the mail soon. Sarah & Nick…


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Great Envelope from "E" arrived this week in NC!

Thank you for the fantastic envelope sent to NC this week "E". We love your stamps, colors and local flare! What a great addition to our mail art collection. We cannot wait to get the add and pass going. Thank you for thinking of us and for sharing your work. 

Sarah & Nick…

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Getting Started

Hi everyone! 

We are new to IUOMA, our friend Jon has been very involved in with IUOMA and mail art for a while now, and a recent discussion sparked a real mail art passion in both of us....we are very excited to begin creating.

If you have any suggestions and/or ideas for us please let us know. We are just beginning this endeavor so can't wait to see what emerges as we start to create. We will post photos as soon as we can. 


Sarah & Nick



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