Mail art by Rebecca Resinski (Conway, Arkansas, USA)

"experiment in o" mail art artist's book. for Asemic Front 2

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Comment by De Villo Sloan on July 21, 2021 at 12:18am

Darest Richard, enjoy your leisure time here in the IUOMA People's Gallery!

I have prepared your "Asemic Starter Kit" & I am confident you will soon be weaving out of nothing things that say nothing.

Yes, our Rebecca Resinski comes right to the edge of the Abyss here with two little letters, one of them possibly signifying nothing. I did discourse about it at AF2.

Rebecca also listens to the Constructivists, Objectvist poets & related who compelled us to look at structures of words and images as "machines." Rebecca has indeed made a language machine? Are machines of some relevance right now?

Rebecca's piece is related in my mind to a thought piece Jim Leftwich let us post on AF2. I realized from his words that "asemic" for him is bleak & ultimately Existential (Sartre). You're imagining a world where meaning is impossible. I've been joking but it really is the dark vision that only Norse mythology has to my knowledge. There are softer degrees. I get that.

I always look forward to Rebecca Resinski's new books. But the random number generator got me.

I still have an incomplete in a grad statistics course at the University of Maryland. All these math teachers coming back for a master's skewed the class curve & I was some outlier failing the course in a particularly spectacular way.

But in the back of the textbook were pages & pages of random number sequences that fascinated me & I spent most of the time studying them until I wrote a letter of protest to the Dean who did issue an incomplete rather than an F - something like that - but my dream of being a psycho-therapist was dashed. 

I gather real asemic writing would be those quivering weird jellyfish blobs on the murky sunset beach at the end of time as described by H.G. Wells in "The Time Machine." (Just my kinds thing)

Comment by Carien van Hest on July 19, 2021 at 10:12pm

I agree, Richard.

Comment by Richard Canard on July 19, 2021 at 6:16pm

19.07.21 Dare Mister De Villo S.,   ...always a mystery to me how  an artist can take something like  a "o" (a "zero" in my limited scope) & create something so "Monumental". "Bravo1Bravo!"for Ms. Rebecca Resinski. SinCelery, Richard C.



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