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There are those who are.
There are those who are not
-Robert Stone Dog Soldiers
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Please note my Auburn, New York USA pob is closed.
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  • Li Araki

    Thanks so much De Villo--I can see the signature now that you've pointed it out!

  • Li Araki

    Oh my--was he really angry at you or just joking?!  Please reveal the story of the Monkey Purge when you're in the mood to tell it (I like long stories).

  • Li Araki

    I'm laughing but I will seriously try much harder not to eat anything I get in the mail from now on (especially Mars bars!).  

  • Sa Mue

    Hello de Villo Sloane, I sent you two asemic mail arts? Did they arrive? Sa Mue

  • Carmela Rizzuto

    Hello De Villo--This is a followup to your comment on 'Li A' photo. The card is actually one that  I made and sent to Li Araki. So thank you for your comment and your 'favoriting' of my mail art over the past year. I'll watch for your posting of Li's work sent to you.

  • Tiina Kainulainen

    Back to mail art: add and pass and asemic writing with De Villo Sloan #asemicwriting #mailart #addandpass

  • David Repunto

  • Jayne Barket Lyons

    Howdy De Villo,

    Be on the lookout for some mail from Minnesota. I dropped something in the mailbox today! :)

  • Debra Mulnick

    Hi.  I enjoy reading your analysis/commentary of the various works/mail art/techniques circulating.  You provide historical perspectives that add to the rich medium in which we are involved.  I appreciate your contributions!  I think you should keep the A&P I sent you.  I found it pretty well complete.......and you seemed like one recipient who would likely appreciate it more than others.  That's why I sent it to you.  May it all continue.  Debra

  • borderlinegrafix

    Got it. All is well. I have contacted him.

  • Wendi Powell

    Thank you De Villo Sloan, for the warm welcome! I will see what I can come up with

  • Yayoi S.W.

    DVS - yes absolutely, I am thrilled about AF2. The photo I uploaded on the group two weeks ago was the one from Jan H, though :)

  • Norma Soulet

    Oh, thanks for the explanation De Villo! Happy Birthday to your son ! :)

  • Mick Boyle

    Hi De Villo,

    I just made this  tonight

    Traditional collage with vintage paper.

    I miss you.


  • Anja Mattila-Tolvanen

    Thank you for your friendship invitation and also for your kind comments about my artist book. I am very happy that you liked it. I am not in these pages very often because my private computer at home warns me about the fact that these pages are not protected and it refuses to open these, sorry. So I use these pages suddenly in our public library because this computer is co-working also with IUOMA pages. I wish all the best to you and hope to hear from you also in the future. Let´s make art and be happy!

  • Yayoi S.W.

    Of course! Thanks De Villo. With those I used watercolor and sumi ink with different brushes scribbling or simply staining. and folded into accordions.

  • Yayoi S.W.

    Thank you so much for the AF2 blog post. Very much enjoyed reading...

  • Sabela Baña

    Thanks by information. Greetins. Sabela Baña

  • Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco

    Hi De Villo

    I invite you to my project YOUR CITY  Nuevo%20Provecto%20ARTE%20CORREO.docx
    I would like you to participate.

    Maria Guacuto

  • Sabela Baña


  • Cherub Ayers

    Putting art in the mail for you now!

  • Mary Anne

    Dear De Villo. No, not great just fortuitous.  I addressed an envelope to Rysuke but decided I needed something larger.  Not wanting to waste the time I stuck the envelope front to another I found here - containing an electricity bill once upon a time - and it needed covering up so . . . the quickest way was to shred a magazine page.  I am not convinced it will survive the postal system but no doubt we shall see.

    Thanks anyway for the encouragement.  At least now I know what to send you! 

  • Jayne Barket Lyons

    Hey DVS, I’ve been meaning to post this for some time,,,, Upon perusing Ourang Outang and some of your other work I noticed a theme. Quite often you create a diamond shaped image, which calls to mind a rebirth. To me it represents a literal birth canal or vagina. Would love to hear your thoughts on why diamond shapes are present in a great deal of your work.  Thanks! JBL

  • Jeremy Ng

    I love your comment on Travel Mail Art, In fact, I am going away this weekend to a town in the country for a historical commemoration event. This is the first time I am making such a trip. I may give Travel Mail Art a try. Would you like a card? 

  • Jeremy Ng

    Card coming your way 

  • Jeremy Ng

    Hi, De Villo, I was wondering if you have received my card? I mailed it out in early August. Thanks

  • Jeremy Ng

    Hi, did Jane contact you via Facebook? 

  • Petrolpetal

    Hello there!

    Mail out!

  • DianeKeys

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Hi De Villo Sloan,

    thanks for your detailed comment letter.

    I will take into Account your experience, your words are valuable to me. We wish success to each other! Art supports us morally.

  • carl baker

    give me slack! signed reverend bob.

  • Samantha Price

    hi dvs, wondering if the laminated post office themed MA i sent arrived in ur p.o. box. best, sam

  • Lindsay Stewart

    Hey De Villo, I remember you too. You have a postcard coming your way
  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

    Ciao Caro Amico! mi piace molto questo tuo lavoro vicino all'arte povera! W LA MAIL ART!   un fraterno abbraccio cb*

  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

    Un'opera coraggiosa! Bravo!

  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

  • Sabela Baña

    Yes. The Haddoct is wonderfull

  • Maxima Strange

    OK, you will be my Goth recipient. Thank you. 

  • Yayoi S.W.

    Thank you DVS. Great stuff on your blog :)

  • Maxima Strange

    Thank you. I love the term “gothaseme”

  • Sabela Baña

    Vilo Sloan Thanks

  • Mah Nu

    love the scan of the P. Orridge collage! Im a big fan of a lot of their work....yes Gen was both very human and very cosmic.... thanks for sharing! I will surely send some things your way very soon...just about caught up with responses after a few days off that routine (partly due to a couple cassette collaborations I needed to finish up and mail away)

    More soon,

    Mah Nu

  • Mel Anie

    Oh, my eyes are watching me and so are yours! It has taken me a few days to even realise you left this link. My apologies but I don't have a watch and I run by a different time. It's usually very fast but sometimes I am a bit slow too; depends on routes of diversion. But when it comes to trashpo, nuevo or old-vo, I haven't even got onto that path yet. So I am very curious to find out where I am going. Thank you in advance, devil-lo.

  • Mail Art Martha

    Thanks for your comments, now that the Queen is back. my online life has improved.

    Long live the Queen!

  • Ifé Niklaus


  • Mel Anie

    Mel Ange! Yes, that is a very suitable name. You can call me that anytime.
  • Jeanette Geissler

    hi De Villo Sloan, thanks for the tip in "Trashpo" group.....

    intresting experiments from you on

  • Mail Art Martha

    I don't know if  it is 'human error'' ( my own fault) or the technology getting in the way but I missed your comment of December 28. By now I cannot remember to what it referred but it was nice of you. Thanks!

  • Mail Art Martha

    Ooops! I had not missed you comment. I had seen it and thanked you and been most flattered. I definitely going bananas.

  • Mail Art Martha

    Hi thanks for your comment on The Face of Trashpo, the proper title for Mask Catt.

    I wonder if you received snail mail from me? It was Foldilope #9 which is dedicated to DK and Trashpo.