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I love to create things - but even more than that I like to share the things I make. I love the inspiration that comes from receiving art from others, and nothing beats the experience of holding actual art (as opposed to just looking at electronic images,say). I like having 'treats' to look forward to - and receiving mail art is a big treat for me. I get huge joy from imagining how my art is travelling, and how it will be received when it arrives. It makes me smile.
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46 Bergview Road
Kwa Zulu Natal
South Africa

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  • stan askew

    did not know that ... sheer coincidence. I like it!

  • Amy Irwen

    I Petrolpetal! Wanted to let you know I did receive your mail art envie...much thanks and great to hear from you again. I do have something ready to head your way but I understand South Africa is one if the countries that the U.S.A. will not send to due to problems with delivery in S.A....i will be holding it until the U.S.A. changes the policy.

    Take care and be safe....Amy

  • Fast Eyes

    Hi - are you still there? I was just about to mail to you but wasn’t sure