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Port Saint Lucie, FL

United States

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I love everything about Mail Art. I love that you can be as creative as you want with it and anything goes. I love making new friends from the USA and from different parts of the world.
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363 Sunview Way
Port Saint Lucie, Fl. 34986

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  • Michelangelo Mayo

    Variety is the spice of life.I will send you some mail art as soon as I can.

  • Bill Porter

    Fantastic card, Norma!!! The selfie-taking photographer was a hoot!  Thank you!!!

    ~Bill @ The Olathe Poste

  • Bill Porter

    Heeyyyyy Norma,  Mail is headed your way...


  • Mizael Contreras

    Hi Norma,

    Your mail just arrived. Thank you! You'll receive soon something from me.

    Mizael C.

  • Laura Urbano

    Hi Norma, thank you for your beautiful cards. I love your work. 

  • Laura Urbano

    Thank you Norma, I have enjoyed the song :) Big hug

  • The Introverted Post

    I love the finished Journal. Thank you so much! I started making mismatched journals if you would like me to send one your way. You could use it and keep it or gift it to someone else. :)   Cheers, TIP. 

  • Mike Parsons

    Another  A W E S O M E  Mail ART creation from artist & friend Norma Soulet. Created something for you today and turned it over to the care of the USPS . The paint on canvas creation raised the bar. 

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Thank you, Norma, this arrived in Greece long ago, 

    but just blogged it today, see :

  • Fast Eyes

    Thanks for the A&P and the very fun Halloween card. Hope all is great with/for you.
  • Bonniediva

  • Bonniediva

    Thanks, Norma, for the excellent Halloween goodies!!

  • Michael Orr

  • David Stafford


    Great. I should tell you that the magazines have been dismantled (ie staples removed) for easier scanning but are kept in discrete plastic bags. I hope that's okay.

  • David Stafford

    They're packed and ready to rumble.

  • David Stafford

    Thank you, Norma. I'm glad you liked it.

  • BoozyBarb

    Hi Norma, Thank you for the lovely envelope. I love the cute Valentine and of course the ATC is fabulous! I will work on the Deco books and Add n Passes right away !

  • Sabela Baña

    Thanks for you mail art. I send you. I hope received soon.

  • Amber Scribble

    thank you norma!!!!

  • Erin Young

    Yay  so glad they arrived safely . Hope you have fun adding to them :) 

  • Sabela Baña


  • Sabela Baña

    You  have received my mail art?

  • Sabela Baña

    Norma I send you mail art  Valentine. I see you have received. Thanks

  • Julie Dennehy

    Happy to accept your friend request... :)

  • Ramona Adams

    Hi Norma, I don’t know what happened on that blog post. I had the picture there at one time. I edited the post and it should be there now. Thanks for adding me as a friend and for sharing mail art with me. 

  • Julie Dennehy

    Love love love the mail art you sent - the Gelli print abstracts are wonderful and may be a nice start to something I’ll create and send back to you. Pic posted in the photos page.
  • Theo Nelson

    Hi Norma - would love to see it!

  • Julian Foster

    Received the Add & Pass

    some nice work there, I a bit rusty when it comes to painting but will give it a go. 

    thanks for the brochure, will make use of that 

  • Deana

    I am so glad you got your Art mail. 

  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

    Grazie Cara Amica! un fraterno abbraccio . b

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Thank you, thank you, for all that you sent! xxx

    see the blog:

  • Mark Rossmiller

    Let me know if you would like this as a rubber stamp, I can help you.

  • Fast Eyes

    Thanks for lovely new mail and flux bucks.
  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

    Ciao Cara Amica, come vediho ricevuto la tua Mail Art Bellissima!  e l'ho appesa dove lavoro--- un fraterno abbraccio. W LA MAIL ART... IUOMA ... LA PACE e L'ECOLOGIA! b

    Hi dear friend, as you can see I received your beautiful Mail Art! and I hung it where I work - a fraternal embrace. W THE MAIL ART ... IUOMA ... PEACE and ECOLOGY! b

  • Bruno Cassaglia - poetArtist

    Thank you Dear Friend, even if I am more than amused, I dedicate my life to a deep research in art ... a fraternal embrace. b
  • Cherub Ayers

    Sending you mail art today!!!

  • Fast Eyes

    Did I say - maybe in a group - thank you for the A&Ps and neat cards, stickers and envelope? Thank loads!
  • Fast Eyes

    Hi Norma, for some reason I can’t find your name on either A&P groups but thanks for the A&Ps and wonderful adds.
  • Adam Roussopoulos

    Wonderful! I look forward to it!

  • BoozyBarb

    Excited ! Can’t wait to get your envelope.

  • BoozyBarb

    Norma, I got a notification from the post office that an envelope was coming from you, when it got to my post office, they re-routed it to Texas!! I have no idea crazy. Maybe it wanted a vacation.......LOL

  • BoozyBarb

    I did get your lovely postcard and ATC’s. The post office just sent it on vacation to Texas first. LOL. Be safe during the storm, I know your right in the projected path. We’re west of Orlando and should be fine. I have a big stack of mail to work on while we wait out the storm, so I’ll send an envelope soon. Hoping for the best with the storm. 

  • BoozyBarb

    I love the Halloween postcard and ATC. Super cute. I posted pics and tagged you. I’ll mail you an envelope in the next few days. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Halloween theme art. Thank you.

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Spring is coming :-)

    Thank you for the nice mail art, Norma!


    Just arrived today from Norma Soulet

  • Mark Rossmiller, Ph.D.

    I would like to cordially invite you to my mail art exhibition on July 25th at Christine Frechard Gallery, in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

    The theme is, "Rejoice"

  • Jayne Barket Lyons

    Hi Norma, Thanks so much for the mail art! Love the pc! I wrote a post on my blog, MAIL ART BY JAYNE, reposted it here on IUOMA, and shared the blog post on FB. Hope you are well!

  • Mikel Untzilla

    Norma Soulet 200619-1

  • Fast Eyes

    Norma- thanks for the a&p. Wishing you the best in this coming storm.