Erin Morse

Corvallis, OR

United States

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i’m in favor of making objects that become art because i stuck them in the mail.
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  • Another Jennifer

    Sorry I'm a bit late.  I still want to welcome you!

  • Erin Young

    Another Erin :) and a fellow Canadian too!! Welcome! I don't see many Erin's around LOL...   I would love to exchange art with you :) 

  • Terry Reid

    erin, your dark postcard arrived today from Canada with Vancouver written on it; so where does Bellingham come into the picture?

    apples from Washington State, cherries in Cascadian weather

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Thank you for this are the "erin", yes?

    Seeing the Canada stamp,I thought it was from Erin Young...

    difficult to read your address?

    'Would love to send you something if you post your mailing address here!


    your card is  blogged:

    From Erin textures and colors

  • Tulio Peraza

    Dear Erin, here an invitation for you, thanks in advance!!!!

    "The Camel” International Mail Art Project Tenerife, Spain 2015"

  • SamaLama

    Thank you for the postcard!! Please message me your address so I can send you something.
  • August Bjarnason

    Hi there Erin. It has been some time since I looked into these pages so I just had forgotten your name (so sorry). Well anyway it´s nice to meet you here again and I´ll send you an envelope or a letter. The very best to you, August.

  • August Bjarnason

    Thanks Erin. I hope you will get a good location for your artistic side and live in general, which is the same thing come to think about it. Best wishes, August.

  • Cernjul Viviana María

  • William M

    yay! glad it arrived safe and sound! thanks for letting me know.

  • Carlos I. Botana

    Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez
    Size: Free
    Technique: Free
    Deadline: August 15, 2016
    Exhibition: September, 2016
    No sales. No jury. No return
    The work is publisehed in the "blog":
    Send your work to:
    Carlos I. Botana
    C/. Javier López López
    Nº 11 - portal 2 - 3º E
    15009 - A Coruña - Spain
  • Erin Morse

    My piece for Diana Hale's project Redwork Post.

  • Julie Dennehy

    Cool mail art - goodies and a Cline A&P! Thanks Erin!